LSA Course Guide - Open MEMS Classes

Last updated on: 3/25/2023 7:56:32 AM
Class #Catalog #TitleSectionComp# SeatsWLStartEndDaysLocation
33360 210Early Med Europe001LEC125 11:30AM 1:00PM T TH AUD B AH
33361 P 210Early Med Europe002DIS25  9:00AM10:00AM  W  2330 MH
33362 P 210Early Med Europe003DIS25 10:00AM11:00AM  W   
33363 P 210Early Med Europe004DIS25 12:00PM 1:00PM  W  3242 LSA
33364 P 210Early Med Europe005DIS25  3:00PM 4:00PM  W   
33365 P 210Early Med Europe006DIS25  4:00PM 5:00PM  W  3463 MH (was 3447)
19727 250Ital Renaissance Art001LEC68  1:00PM 2:30PM T TH G127 AH
19731 P 250Ital Renaissance Art002DIS23  3:00PM 4:00PM   TH G026 TISCH
25519 P 250Ital Renaissance Art003DIS23 10:00AM11:00AM    F180 TAP
19732 P 250Ital Renaissance Art004DIS22 12:00PM 1:00PM    F180 TAP
35774 P 260Med/Early Mod Topics001LEC6 10:00AM11:30AMM W   
33739 P 323Spanish Inquisition001SEM25  2:30PM 4:00PM T TH 2011 MLB
33628 325Islam in South Asia001LEC75 11:30AM 1:00PMM W  1250 USB
33633 P 325Islam in South Asia002DIS25  1:00PM 2:00PM  W   
33638 P 325Islam in South Asia003DIS25  3:00PM 4:00PM  W  2022 STB
34867 P 360Med&Early Mod Topics001LEC5  8:30AM10:00AM T TH  
13883 367Shakespeare Plays001LEC50 10:00AM11:30AMM W   
17903 P 367Shakespeare Plays002DIS25  1:00PM 2:00PM    F 
13884 P 367Shakespeare Plays003DIS25 11:00AM12:00PM    F 
27530 P 375Celtic&Nordic Myth001LEC70  2:30PM 4:00PM T TH 1250 USB
31014 P 611Med&EM Study Topics001SEM2  2:00PM 5:00PM T   2104 MLB
* Classes marked with an asterisk have seats available, but are closed because there is an active wait list. Student must contact Instructor or Dept to obtain permission to enroll. There may be other closed courses that also have wait lists that do NOT appear here.