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SAGE Members

Kortez Brinson

Kortez is a student at the University of Michigan and is originally from Chicago. He majors in political science and statistics and seeks to pursue a career in Family Law. Additionally, Kortez works with the organization H.E.A.D.S. (Here Earning a Destiny through Honesty, Eagerness, and Determination of Self).  In H.E.A.D.S., Kortez focuses on creating a community and space for multi-ethnic males on the University of Michigan Campus.

Chanelle Davis:

Chanelle is a junior in the College of LSA, double majoring in Psychology and Afro-American and African studies. Before participating in the Semester in Detroit (SID) program in the Spring/Summer of 2016, she had little knowledge of community-based learning courses and programs. Now an alumna, Chanelle says her experience with SID was eye-opening and life changing.

As a SID intern, Chanelle worked with a youth development program called Racquet Up (RU) where she assisted in after-school tutoring, lesson plan development, and youth mentorship. It led to Chanelle developing an ongoing relationship with RU. In her first year at U of M, Chanelle was in the Michigan Research Community and later returned as a peer mentor. She did undergraduate research on a project at the Institute for Social Research and hope to continue exploring research opportunities in the future around issues of gender, race, and identity among youth.

Alexis Dubreuil:

Lexi is a junior in the Ross School of Business and with a minor in Community Action and Social Change. She is excited about joining SAGE to be part of a group of people who share the same passion for social justice and she has enjoyed the community-based learning courses she has taken at U-M. Lexi is excited to utilize the skills and relationships that she developed in these courses for future activism on and off campus.

Lexi is very passionate about educational equity and has been involved in volunteering for Head Start for several years. Freshman year, Lexi was able to participate in a community outreach class where she volunteered at Head Start. Lexi is also passionate about mental health and mental well-being. She is the VP of External Outreach for The Mind Matters Mental Health Initiative at the Ross School of Business which helps her make a difference in the Ross community. Lexi is also the Mind Matters representative for the Unity in Diversity coalition group in Ross!

Amani Echols:

Amani is a junior from Farmington Hills, MI majoring in Community and Global Public Health with a minor in Gender and Health. Her focus within Public Health is women of color’s health since the status of women strongly reflects values they hold about vulnerable segments of society, and in turn, exposes flaws and inefficiencies in our health care and social systems.

Amani is an alumna of the learning community, Michigan Community Scholars Program (MCSP), where she was a Peer Advisor for Community Service, served on the advisory board for two years, co-founded the program WolveReaders, and participated in MAC-ASB. Outside of MCSP, she is the Vice-President for the Pre-Public Health Association (PPHA) that focuses on preparing students for future educational and career endeavors in the field of public health. Lastly, she is a member of the Ginsberg Student Advisory Board for the Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning. 

André Fisher

André Fisher was born and raised in Jamaica and moved to Kalamazoo, Michigan when he was 19 years old. In Fall 2016, André transferred to the University of Michigan. He is currently double-majoring in Economics and International Studies, with intentions to pursue a career in public health policy. When not studying or taking a break from school-related activities, he finds relaxation in playing soccer, doing photography, dancing and writing poetry. One of André's paramount aims in life is to leave an indelible mark of goodwill on my world.

Demery Gijsbers

Demery Gijsbers is a junior in the School of Information studying user experience and design. With a background of various community engagement and social justice-focused classes, she is excited to be a SAGE member and work more closely with students that share those passions. Outside of classes, Demery likes to run, is involved with New Life Church, playing on as many intramural teams as possible, working part time at a hotel on campus, and drinking lots and lots of coffee.

Aly Gonzales

Aly Gonzales is currently a Senior in the Psychology program in LS&A. Her community-based learning journey started with the Prison Creative Arts Project in the RC, which led her to SAGE! Aly is a first year member of SAGE and is looking forward to collaborating with her fellow members. Outside of her studies, she’s been involved in research since her sophomore year of undergrad and facilitates arts workshops during the school year. After graduation, Aly intends to pursue a PhD in Psychology. In the future, she’d like to look into the psychological forces involved in the perpetuation of mass incarceration and in society’s perception of prisoners in the US and Brazil. In her free time, she enjoys petting cats and drinking coffee.

Layla Hak

Layla is an undecided sophomore in the school of LSA from Troy, MI. She is interested in Neuroscience and Public Health and hopes to attend medical school after finishing her undergraduate education. She was a member of the Health Sciences Scholars Program during her freshman year which sparked her passion for Public Health and the disparities that exist within the healthcare field. Some of the extracurriculars that she is involved in include being a part of the Arabesque dance group on campus and playing tennis. She is also a part of Michigan Active Citizens-Alternative Spring Break which is a group of students that travel to locations in the US during spring break to do volunteer work. Her Syrian heritage and exposure to Middle Eastern conflicts has motivated her to take part in Students Organize for Syria in the hopes of helping some of the victims of the Syrian conflict. Layla is excited to be a part of SAGE because it encourages communication between students and faculty in order to give the students the best possible experience at this university.

McKenzie Hanigan

McKenzie Hanigan is a sophomore from Garden City, Kansas, majoring in economics. She is in the LSA Honors program and a reporter for the Michigan Daily. McKenzie’s favorite things to do are travel, snuggle with her puppy, read, and exercise. A fun fact about her is that most of her friends at school first remembered her as "Kenzie from Kansas"!

Kyra Hudson

Kyra Hudson is a Junior from Kalamazoo, Michigan majoring in Public Policy with a concentration in Equity and Justice in Education Policy. During her first two years at Michigan Kyra was involved in the Michigan Community Scholars Program as a student and peer mentor. Being a part of the Michigan Community Scholars Program is what ignited her passion for social justice. Kyra now serves as a Program Assistant for the Program on Intergroup Relations’ Student Engagement Team and is a trained intergroup dialogue facilitator. Kyra has also been involved in research on campus through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, where she worked with Associate Dean Angela Dillard on the project “Understanding the Race and Ethnicity Requirement”, and through the Detroit Community Based Research Program. Kyra’s undergraduate experience has also included international study and service in Japan through the Center for Global and Intercultural Studies’ “Building Community in Detroit and Regional Japan” project. In the fall semester of 2018 Kyra will be spending a semester in Washington D.C. working and doing research on issues related to race and inequities in education.  

Chloe Hypes

Chloe Hypes is a Junior studying Program in the Environment with a minor in Sustainable Food Systems. She is on the executive board for Catalyst and Evolve, two environmental student organizations, and on the executive board of Gifts of Kindness. She is really excited to hear student perspective, especially in environmental classes.

Bella Isaacs-Thomas

Bella Isaacs-Thomas is a senior double majoring in Creative Writing & Literature and Social Theory & Practice with a PitE minor in Environment. Her studies in these fields have focused on the various intersections of social and environmental justice as well as the ways in which community engagement and organization can lead to social improvements, progress, and change. Bella is also passionate about writing and creative expression; she runs Gaia, a blog that publishes the creative work of women, and works as a peer writing consultant at the Sweetland Center for Writing. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, listening to podcasts, reading, and anything that involves going outside.  

Allison Lang

Allison Lang is a rising senior triple majoring in Political Science, International Studies, and Spanish. Motivated by her passion for social justice and the Spanish language, She first became involved with community-based learning courses when she participated in the Spanish Language Internship Program. During her time volunteering as tutor in the ESL classroom in Ann Arbor Public Schools, she decided to found a student organization called Connection that would provide U of M students the opportunity to use their language skills to support and connect with the community. Connection is a mentorship program for ESL students that seeks to raise levels of empowerment within and outside the classroom. Allison participated in the Engelhardt Social Justice Fellowship Program in the Summer of 2016 to expand upon the mentorship program and design initiatives that would help provide continuity of support. Allison is just returning from a study abroad experience in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she conducted research on intercultural education and inclusivity of classrooms in regards to immigrant populations from regional countries. She hopes to continue her work in educational policy, ensuring that education is more inclusive and culturally responsive. In her downtime, Allison likes to read, hike, rock climb, and eat ice cream.

Dilara Meli

Dilara is a sophomore interested in Chemistry and Psychology. Dilara has a passion for research, which she pursues by working for the Department of Urology at Michigan Medicine. Aside from academics, Dilara is very interested in social justice issues and their influences on health care access and accessibility. Dilara is a member of Michigan Active Citizens - Alternative Spring Break, an organization on campus that focuses on active citizenship, community action and social change. She also works as an Academic Peer Advisor for the College of Engineering which gives her great mentorship experience and allows Dilara to work closely with the College of Engineering staff. In her free time Dilara enjoys playing intramural sports, running, reading, and cooking.


Micheal Mitchell

Micheal Mitchell Jr is a junior at the College of LSA majoring in Screen Arts & Cultures (SAC), and minoring in business at the Ross School of Business. Micheal is a determined individual who is constantly looking for new ways to make things happen. In addition to being a peer advisor, he is also a peer consultant at the Sweetland Center for Writing, and the secretary for M-agination Films. His hope is to use film as a way to bring attention to everyday issues faced by underprivileged communities such as his own in Flint. He enjoys exercising, playing videos games, writing stories, and drawing.

Gabriella Pascual

A first generation Hispanic-American from Miami, Florida, Gabriella is currently a sophomore double majoring in Art and Design and Psychology. Her interest in community justice and drive to work toward social equality pushes her to merge her fields of study by being involved in intersectional organizations like the Stamps in Color Initiative, a program coordinating creative opportunities for students of color in Stamps and the Art and Design Collective, a collection of representatives on behalf of the art school who assess to the needs of each student. Gabriella is also an alumna of the Michigan Community Scholars Program (MCSP). During her time there, she participated in volunteer services with underserved Native American youth in Detroit, participated in Alternative Spring Break, and was a participant in WolveReaders letter exchange with elementary school students in Brightmoor, Detroit. During her freshman year, she devoted some of her school year to facilitating and tutoring ESL students assimilating to Ann Arbor school and education. Due in part to her multicultural influences and creative inclinations, she hopes to continue working in U-M on public service and leadership initiatives which integrate alternative approaches toward social change and empowerment for less advantaged

Laura Rall:

Laura is a senior in the School of Education's Secondary Teacher Education program with a concentration in social studies comprehension. Laura is hoping to go to graduate school after graduation in spring 2018 to get a Master's in education policy. Outside of her studies, Laura was a research assistant through UROP for two years under professor, Mark Clague, from the School of Music, Theater, and Dance. She took a community-based class through the Psychology department's "Project Outreach" courses where she went to a juvenile detention center once a week for the semester to spend time and create art with the children there. Laura is a big advocate for community-based learning and for community service, which is why she is very excited to be a member in SAGE for this upcoming school year.  


Eli Ravid

Eli is a Junior in the Ross School of Business, concentrating in Marketing with a minor in Law, Justice and Social Change. A third-generation Michigan student, Eli likes to get involved across campus in many ways. Outside of the classroom, he is involved in a Sociology research project and is a part of the Enactus social entrepreneurship club. When not doing work, Eli likes to play basketball, enjoy nature, and hang out with friends. Eli is excited to get involved with SAGE and to learn more about how to integrate student voices and ideas into action.

Brigitte Smith

This fall starts the fourth and final year of Brigitte’s undergraduate studies; her major is International Studies: Political Economy and Development and her minors are Business and Spanish. In all, her main focus has been access to water. The amalgamation of her studies is to advance international development projects to ensure that all humans, regardless of citizenship or identities, have access to water and basic necessities. Throughout her undergraduate experience she has worked for a non-profit in Valencia, Spain called La Fundación por la Justicia; conducted surveys in the slums of Ahmdebad on behalf of Jeevantirth, India; volunteered at a boarding school near Jodhpur, India called SKSN; studied in Santiago, Chile; interned at the EPA for the Water Policy Staff; and worked on an ongoing BLUElab project in Jicaral, Nicaragua. On campus she has been an active member of the Global Scholars program as a peer facilitator, the Integration Specialist, and now as the Vice President. She also serves as the Vice-President for the pre-law sorority Delta Gamma Phi. Nevertheless, she finds time to run, play basketball, take photos, edit videos, try new foods, and laugh with friends.

Shelby Stadler

Shelby Stadler is a junior in the College of LSA, double majoring in the Program in the Environment and Spanish, with a minor in Water in the Environment. She has an undeniable passion for the environment and sustainability, which led her to New Zealand in the Spring of 2017. This was an eye-opening and life-changing trip, and she now knows that she wants to help people educate themselves about the environment and what they can do to help prevent its degradation. Shelby also hopes to go to Madrid, Spain during Winter 2018, to better her understanding of the Spanish culture and language. In her free time between classes, Shelby loves to read, identify trees, listen to music, and go for walks in the Arb. Shelby is very excited to become a SAGE member, and be a part of the community-based activities that they conduct.

Mayah Wheeler

Mayah Wheeler is a rising sophomore at the University of Michigan. It is Mayah’s goal to positively change the world and she believes SAGE will help her positively change the University of Michigan! She’s currently studying Spanish and her goal is to become an elementary school teacher, so that she can help mold our future!

Briahna Williams

Briahna is a junior from St. Louis, MO majoring in Social Theory and Practice with a minor in Community Action and Social Change. Her focus within Social Theory and Practice is the long-term effects of poverty among disadvantaged families, and how at-risk youth use resilience and self empowerment to overcome adversity. With this, Briahna has intentions to pursue graduate studies in social work and create an educational non profit organization. Outside of her studies, Briahna was a research assistant through UROP in a joint project through the Department of Education and Psychology. She is also involved in many service organizations on campus, including Habitat for Humanity and Students Empowering Education (SEE). A turning point for Briahna was her time spent in Detroit during the Semester in Detroit Program (SID). A member of the fall 2016 cohort, Briahna was an intern with Alternatives for Girls, a non profit dedicated to uplifting young ladies in the Southwest Detroit Area. This experience has encouraged Briahna to become more involved in community based learning, community organizing, and learn more about the history and future of Detroit. Briahna is excited to become a SAGE member to share her student voice to develop and enhance learning mechanisms used on campus.