Engaged Pedagogy Initiative Fall 2018 Fellows

Students interested in teaching and bridging classroom instruction with community-based learning were selected to participate in the Engaged Pedagogy Initiative (EPI). Below are the members of the current cohort:

Mercedez Dunn

Mercedez Dunn is a Ph.D. Candidate in Sociology. She received a B.A. in Sociology fromSpelman College, where she served as an inaugural member of the Social Justice FellowsProgram, and an MPH in Health Behavior and Health Education from the University ofMichigan. She is broadly interested in Black women’s sexual and reproductive health. Hercurrent research explores how heterosexual Black women navigate sex, romance, and sexualhealth risk at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Additionally, Mercedez is interestedin engaged and critical pedagogies and promoting principles of diversity, justice, equity, andinclusion in academic classrooms and health education spaces. During her matriculation at UM,she has been a recipient of the Rackham Merit Fellowship, National Science FoundationGraduation Research Fellowship Program, a member of Wolverine Wellness’s Sexperteam, anda participant in the Rackham Program in Public Scholarship’s Institute for Social Change. As anEPI fellow, Mercedez aims to design a community-based learning course that engages co-learners with issues of sexual and reproductive health inequities using Black feminist andreproductive justice frameworks.

Kathryn Holihan

Kathryn Holihan is a doctoral candidate in the department of Germanic Languages & Literaturesand holds a certificate in Museum Studies. She is broadly interested in museums and relatedissues of accessibility, visual communication, and cultural education. Her dissertation explores aseries of hygiene exhibitions in Germany in the first half of the twentieth century designed toinstruct a lay visitorship in mass on the fundamentals of public health. Kathryn has worked at theMuseum of Modern Art and at the German Hygiene Museum, Dresden. She has taught Germanlanguage courses and history courses on the rise of national socialism. As an EPI fellow, Kathrynhopes to design a course that will empower students to become curators within their localcommunities.