The Leadership Certificate (LC) at the University of Michigan piloted its first-ever cohort in January 2022 with 15 students across 5 schools/colleges and 11 different majors. Students participated in events with campus partners to engage in intercultural development, anti-racism, professional development, and writing sessions. These student leaders reflected on their on-campus co-curricular, curricular, and service-learning leadership experiences which include the ALA 174/175 courses, being a student employee or peer facilitator, and the BLI’s Capstone or MLEAD’s LeaderShape programs. Five of our cohort members fulfilled all of their program requirements and received their LC medallion upon graduating. 

We present the 2022 Graduates Leadership Philosophies,

Darica Brazier, Psychology, Entrepreneurship, Medical Sociology

Vision and innovation are essential for missions to succeed and transformation to occur. I strive to motivate myself and my team towards transforming our goals and missions into success through the promotion of diversity, integrity, and ambition. I am committed to envisioning challenges as new opportunities for knowledge and growth, and am determined to provide my team with the necessary tools for skill development through creative exploration and my initiative towards goal achievement.

Kaitlyn Colyer, Organizational Studies

A leader must carry out their responsibilities generally over the course of two steps: discovery and delegation. Leaders must discover and articulate all that needs to be done in order to ensure the success of the group or organization, then delegate it to others or to themselves. A leader must be honest, transparent, and committed to being assertive in the face of interpersonal problems. However, leaders must ALWAYS prioritize their well-being first, and must engage in self-compassion and mindful practices to achieve the aptitude necessary to achieve organizational success. 

Sydney Moore, Psychology, Economics, Writing

I aspire to live in a world of possibility rather than one of measurement: one where I focus on relationships, using bibliotherapy practices to foster a sense of shared experience. In this approach, I will strive to hold an innovative, growth mindset where my vision crafts a general context and then lets opportunities flourish by inviting others to share in my passions. In particular, I plan to continue pursuing the art of storytelling and how its emotional impact can be applied to the field of business in a positive manner.

Alaa Shahin, UX Design, Entrepreneurship

My philosophy is embodied by Mother Teresa's quote, "It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving". This quote represents my lifestyle because I believe that giving is not just an action, it is a lifestyle. Whether it’s an hour of your day, a nice word to a person who’s had a hard day, or simply a smile on your face, can make a huge difference in others' lives. Giving with love is much more valuable in my life. I believe spreading love among people will allow them to adopt healthier lifestyles around the world.

Magda Wojtara, Neuroscience

I believe that great leaders do not simply create followers, but work to develop the skills and confidence of other leaders that go on to serve other communities. I expect to listen to all team members and to respect the value of time and work-life balance. I will lead with the goal of seeking to understand and leveraging the perspectives, skills and experiences of other members of my team.

The Leadership Certificate more than doubled in size for the second cohort with 32 student leaders across 6 schools/colleges and 20 different majors, which is set to begin in Fall 2022. In response to data collected and constructive feedback from our pilot cohort, the LC is transitioning to a two-year program in which its core buckets (co-curricular, curricular, and service-learning) remain in place but will additionally include four themed-social events where cohort members can practice their collaborative leadership skills in concurrence with their individual growth. 


In partnership, the Barger Leadership Institute (LSA) and M-LEAD (Student Life) have built a leadership certificate program that utilizes research from the field of undergraduate leadership studies to create a framework that brings together existing leadership coursework and experiences across campus. As the first and only certificate offered at the University of Michigan, we have curated an accessible pathway for you to learn, develop and reflect on your leadership experience at the University of Michigan. Learn more about the certificate program.