BLI is no stranger to podcast, and this year our students and staff were featured in 3 episodes on leadership topics that we explore throughout the BLI. Enjoy!

Break Away Podcast: Leadership for a Sound Mind and Body

This podcast offers ways to engage with the greater University of Michigan leadership community and a chance to break away from the new norms of our daily routines. Presented by the Michigan Leadership Collaborative, this anthology magnifies and reinforces the challenges leaders face today in developing healthy habits that fuel the mind and body.

How do you learn self-compassion? April 2024 

What is self-compassion? How do we learn and practice self-compassion? And what challenges can we expect when practicing self-compassion? Rackham's Well-Being Advocate (and former BLI staff) Elizabeth Rohr and the Barger Leadership Institute's Academic Program Manager & LEO Adjunct Lecturer Fatema Haque discuss the ins and outs of self-compassion, including how social and cultural identities play into our exercising of self-compassion. They end the conversation with a variety of resources on how to build your own capacity for self-compassion.

How can you give and receive constructive feedback? December 2023

Why "Feedback is Love" with Barger Leadership Institute Leadership Teaching Fellows, Becky Woolf, Ananya Mangla, and Yena Kwon. A conversation about the art of giving and receiving feedback, they focus specifically on giving feedback with social identities in mind, and how someone can prepare themselves to receive feedback.

Lead and Follow Podcast

This podcast offers a candid discussion of collaboration, teamwork, training, and organizational development. Host Sharna Fabiano talks with educators, consultants, and professionals of all kinds to explore the relational dance between leadership and followership, and how to become excellent in both roles.

Followership for Social Good, October 2023

Hosted by Sharna Fabiano, author of the book Lead & Follow: The Dance of Inspired Teamwork. The episode is a conversation about integrated leadership-followership education featuring Fatema Haque, Academic Program Manager & LEO Adjunct Lecturer at the Barger Leadership Institute, and Dorine Lawrence-Hughes, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Education at the University of Michigan. Fatema and Dorine discuss how they are collaborating to introduce the concept of followership to the Barger Leadership Institute curriculum and how reciprocal leadership and followership skills training is preparing students for professional success and positive community change.