The Mindful Leader Fellowship explores the radical potential of mindfulness and a commitment to the principles of dignity, to help transform how we both think about and practice leadership. Through this fellowship, students have the opportunity to dialogue, reflect and creatively explore mindfulness and leadership learning through the cultivation and practice of critical self reflection and mindfulness.

In Fall of 2021, the Mindful Leader Fellowship welcomed in its first-ever fellowship cohort of 10 undergraduate students at the University of Michigan: 

  • Anna Chiara Russo
  • Bradley Dominguez
  • Becky Woolf
  • Darica Brazier
  • Hailey Espinosa
  • Jenny Gurung
  • Kirsten Birman
  • Kaitlyn Colyer
  • Mas Razak
  • Nicole Ver Beek


Why Did You Join The Fellowship?

"I joined the fellowship because it's a great opportunity for personal and professional growth. With 1:1 coaching, I am working on improving my own mindfulness skills as well as building a valuable community and cohort of peers and mentors. In a world that needs mindful leaders so much, I am gaining valuable skills that I will be able to use in my career to make effective change."

- Becky Woolf

What Do You Hope To Get Out of the Fellowship?

"At the end of the fellowship, I hope to have learned more about which contemplative practices work for me, so that I can use them as a toolkit when I enter into the Peace Corps after graduation. I also hope to learn more about how I can build better and stronger relationships with others through a deeper understanding of myself."

- Kirsten Birman