Three sections of the lab are implementing a total of 13 Leadership Lab team-based projects, all addressing our Big Questions, topics ranging from mitigating social disparities to promoting sustainable environmental behavior. Several teams rapidly adapted their plans to address concerns directly related to the pandemic and are focusing their efforts on projects such as UM Mental Health Online and Sustainable Behavior: the COVID-19 edition. The achievements and resilience of each participant in the lab are significant and a testament to the acts of leadership playing out on campus and throughout the world during these unprecedented times.

Victors Prep 
A multi-faceted mentorship platform for high school students to help students feel welcome and supported during an important transition in their life, and give them access to resources surrounding financial literacy

Food Dudes
UMich Food Survival Guide
To improve food accessibility and nutrition knowledge for students, faculty, and staff at Umich through a Facebook page that offers tips on how to prepare food, buy food, grow food, or any other nutrition-related facts. Follow their Facebook page through the link above!

International Student Sustainability
Educate international students about the difference between recycling, composting, and disposing trash correctly via educational pamphlets and giving a short presentation and/or video demonstrating where disposal facilities are located on campus, how to correctly dispose of material, and how the material can be reused. 

Multicultural Food Festival
To create an in-person or online event that promotes the various multi-cultural organizations on campus with food.

Flexible Education, Employable Skills

To provide a platform for students of lower socio-economic status to find and access online courses/certificates that have assisted individuals in finding employment. The platform will serve as a centralized, accurate database for hosting information on online courses to increase education equity.

Balanced Diet Education
Maize, Blue, & a Healthy You
A newsletter to improve education surrounding perceptions of health in the Michigan community, specifically addressing the question: what does it mean to be healthy? Balanced Diet Education created 2 volumes of their newsletter which you can read through the link above.

Not Being Rich at UM
A presentation that composes compact information for the low-income student community. It consists of resources about the following topics: academic, professional, social, financial, and bonus tips surrounding thrifting, groceries, and sustainability.

Waste Management and Sustainability
Increasing the awareness of sustainable behaviors by adding the sustainable and waste management information on the Michigan App and create further awareness with a reusable product giveaway.

UM Mental Health Online
A website to offer a comprehensive space where mental health resources through UM, student groups, and other organizations can be easily accessible. You can find University, student group, and media resources all in one place. Check out the site in the link above!

Women in STEM Speak Out Event 
To create a trauma-free space for women in STEM to gather and share their stories while finding a sense of belonging within the larger STEM community.

Sustainable Behavior: The COVID-19 Edition
An Instagram account to promote at-home sustainability practices during the COVID-19 lockdown, and inspire people to make a positive impact on the world through sharing creative and helpful tips. Give them a follow at the link above! 

The Lookout Project 
Creating a non-profit institution that provides overdose education and naloxone distribution to current and formerly incarcerated individuals to help them, their families, and the community at large. 

Mindful Mindset Journaling
Mindful journaling project based on Ram Mahalingam’s Mindful Mindset and its 7 tenants including Compassion, Wonder, and Negative Capability.