The Break Away podcast offers a fresh way to engage and connect with the greater Michigan leadership community—a chance to “break away” from the new norms of our daily routines.

Presented by the Michigan Leadership Collaborative, this podcast offers an anthology that magnifies and reinforces the challenges that leaders face today in developing healthy habits that fuel the mind and body. Each episode focuses on various aspects of leadership from a diverse set of voices and perspectives while fostering both a sound mind and body. Season 5 highlighted two episodes featuring BLI student and staff leaders who offer their unique experiences and insights related to leadership questions.

Season 5, Episode 03: What’s the difference between Feminine and Feminist leadership?

In this episode, two University of Michigan leadership educators, Fatema Haque (Barger Leadership Institute) and Danyelle Reynolds, talk about the differences between feminine and feminist leadership. While feminine leadership calls for inclusion but relies on traditional feminine traits and behaviors, feminist leadership that works to create equitable environments, upend sexist power structures, and expand limited understandings of leadership practice. Danyelle and Fatema talk about the differences between these approaches to leadership, reflect on some of their experiences, and share how everyone, regardless of gender identity, can become a feminist leader.

Season 5, Episode 05: How can we build uplifting and lasting relationships?

Justin Stoddard, the CEO, and Founder of “Climbing the Mountain,” discusses how we can build resiliency and how to overcome adversity. Stoddard, a veteran and now a professor at the United States Air Force Academy, discusses with three students Eyda Gu, Ananya Mangla, and Saniya Shahid how to lead through example and lift others around you. Using individual and universal experiences, Stoddard breaks down what it means to be an uplifting and inspiring leader and the importance of building relationships with those that uplift you.

Reflection Questions:

  • How can you use your passions to uplift others?
  • Think about those that uplift you–how can you flip the switch and support them?
  • How can you become more accessible to others?

Ananya Mangla is a junior at LSA pursuing a double major in Economics with a minor in QMSS. She is also a Leadership Teaching Fellow at the Barger Leadership Institute. Ananya is very interested in leadership and team dynamics, for which she has done study abroad experiential programs in the UK, France, and Belgium. She wishes to pursue Product Management post-graduation.

Saniya Shahid is a senior at the University of Michigan studying Industrial and Operations Engineering with a minor in Entrepreneurship. While Saniya’s primary focus is STEM, she loves stepping out of her comfort zone and getting to know people in other schools across campus. She believes in being a lifelong learner and isn’t afraid to be a beginner. On campus, Saniya is involved with the Center for Entrepreneurship at the College of Engineering as a production assistant for the TedTalk-style Entrepreneurship Hour course and a former Instructional Aide. In addition to the CFE, Saniya is involved with the Barger Leadership Institute as a Marketing and Communications Applied Leadership Fellow, where she can explore her creative side through graphic design and social media management.

Eyda Gu is a sophomore at the University of Michigan and is majoring in Biology, Health, and Society. She enlisted in the US Army National Guard in 2020, immediately after high school, then contracted into the Army ROTC at UofM in 2021 to become a US Officer. Between multiple injuries, joining the Army, and studying at UofM, Eyda has had to endlessly strengthen her resiliency. She continues to build her adaptability today.