The London Idea was created to celebrate the legacy of Adam London, a 2011 graduate of the University, majoring in Organizational Studies. He was an innovative ideator, a passionate creator, and an avid explorer. He spent much of his life encouraging his friends, family, and coworkers to pursue their ideas and follow their passions. Adam was a connector — he masterfully connected people with common interests in order to facilitate the fruition of their individual ideas. He worked in the tech world, but loved reading hard-cover books, watching movie trailers, traveling the worldtaking photos, and collaborating over a good cup of coffee. Ultimately, Adam was trying to understand people, how they think, how they create ideas and how he could encourage them to pursue their goals.

The London Idea Foundation continues Adam’s work connecting people and ideas. The Foundation Board and membership consists of creatives,professionals, entrepreneurs, and connectors dedicated to bringing to life great ideas from across the spectrum — ideation, creation, or exploration— to life. The student team selected as the BLI Capstone Experience/London Idea Project will benefit from specialized support for their action plan as well as a Mentorship Network and Summer Immersion Program led by The London Idea.