The BLI Dinner with... series offers a valuable opportunity for Leadership Fellows to enjoy a dinner with a BLI stakeholder and get a behind the curtain view of their leadership journey. Dinner attendees build community, share leadership interests, and cultivate meaningful connections in an informal setting.

Dinner with Rick Price and Ram Mahalingam

Our dinner with Ram and Rick was an eye-opening experience! We heard some insider information directly from Rick, the founding director, about how the Barger Leadership Institute began, and we learned from Ram, the current director, about where he hopes to take the program in the future. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to enjoy some delicious food and interesting conversations with my fellow BLI members.

- Camron Razdar


Dinner with Crystal Ashby

I enjoyed the opportunity to have dinner with Crystal Ashby and learned so much through her educational and professional experiences. I hope to go to law school and hearing how Crystal used her law degree in so many ways has inspired me to think about all of the opportunities I have in my future. Crystal's outgoing personality and energy are qualities that I strive to embody in my professional future. 

- Peyton Sternfeld


Dinner with Lisa Miller and Dave Kowal 

Dinners with are really a hidden gem in BLI. Lisa and Dave talked to us about their own experiences of not knowing what the future held for them once they graduated and their path towards the successful lives they conduct today. Lisa taught me something especially important, about how important it was to go out, take a break from your obligations, and really see the world. And also from her personal experience, that it was okay to turn your life around to pursue something you find interesting. I think her experiences fully embody the "falling but getting up stronger" mentality.

- Jessica Wang  


Dinner with Mary Schlitt

Having Dinner with Mary was a delight, she gave meaningful advice and affirmed many of my future endeavors. BLI has offered many opportunities for networking, and Dinners with has been one of my favorites.

- Tiana Huang