Break Away: Leadership for a Sound Mind and Body
A new podcast brought to you by the Michigan Leadership Collaborative

The Break Away podcast is a multi-unit collaboration that offers a fresh way to engage and connect with the greater Michigan leadership community — a chance to “break away” from the new norms of our daily routines.  Presented by Sanger Leadership Center, School of Information, M-LEAD, U-M Athletics, Barger Leadership Institute, and LSA Opportunity Hub, this new podcast offers an anthology that magnifies and reinforces the challenges that leaders face today in developing healthy habits that fuel the mind and body. Each of the six episodes will focus on various aspects of leadership from a diverse set of voices and perspectives while fostering both a sound mind and body.

“Finding the inner courage to sustain our energy for creative and novel solutions to emerging problems while caring for ourselves is a challenge for any leader during the pandemic,” writes Ram Mahalingam, Director of the Barger Leadership Institute, Professor of Psychology and Director of the Mindful Connections Lab. “This podcast series, a tapestry of perspectives and practices, provides a holistic vision to lead with courage, compassion, and wisdom.”

The series will support listeners in cultivating a sound mind by exploring questions like, as a leader, how do you balance what is required to be successful in your role when it interferes with your well-being; how to utilize accessible technology for more inclusive leadership; and how does inspiration help us act with courage and compassion in the face of immense obstacles? Acknowledging the importance of maintaining a sound mind in a sound body, each episode encourages the listener to take a break and use the time to run, walk, roll, or get active while we engage them mentally.

Released weekly starting on Thursday, January 14, 2021, the episodes are available on major streaming services, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher. Interested audiences are encouraged to follow the hashtag #UMBreakAway on Instagram for episode updates and supporting content, and listen to the trailer above.

About the Michigan Leadership Collaborative: The Leadership Collaborative is a community of university faculty and staff dedicated to advancing leadership learning and removing institutional barriers for students who seek to develop and progress as leaders.