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Single Particle Tracker: TIRF Microscope


Single Particle Tracker with total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy for multi-color single-particle tracking, co-localization and high-content screening.

Key Features:

  • TIRF/HILO imaging in vitro or in vivo, allowing single particle localization and tracking in real-time
  • Microinjection platform for fast, reliable in situ transfection
  • Two Andor EMCCD cameras for high sensitivity multi-color imaging
  • Astigmatic super-resolution axial localization
  • Zero-drift compensation for long observations
  • Imaris particle-tracking software


  • IX-81 computer-controlled Olympus microscope body with 100X oil 1.4NA (UPLSAPO100XO) and 60X oil 1.49NA (APON60XOTIRFM); quadband dichroics (Chroma) 405/488/532/640 and 405/488/561/640 nm excitation bands
  • Cell^TIRF (Olympus) module including independent focusing of four fiber inputs
  • Five lasers modulated and fiber coupled (Coherent CUBE 405-100, CUBE 488-50, CUBE 640-100, Sapphire 561-50 CW and Crystalaser CL532-150mW-L)
  • P-545.3C7 capacitive piezoelectric x-y-z stage (Physik Instrumente) with very high long-term stability
  • Tucam unit (Andor) for 2-color full-frame imaging on two Andor iXon Ultra EM-CCD cameras
  • Metamorph (Molecular Devices) computer interface to control all hardware components