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Rates and Requesting Time


Open consultation hours are available every Monday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to noon in Room 3080 Chemistry.  Please feel free to stop by!


SMART Center Guidebook and Information for New Users


For more information, please contact:

Damon Hoff

SMART Center Manager

Phone: (734)-763-5449





Instrument Use 

Staff Support

U-M Internal

$9.50 / hour

$35.60 / hour

External Academic

$23.75 / hour

$89.00 / hour

External Private/Commercial

$47.50 / hour

$178.00 / hour


Links to Instrument Availability Calendars:


Training Schedule

Typically, an initial meeting is setup with a center staff to discuss the specifics of the experiment and the choice of microscope.

As a center policy we typically have a 4 session training period, Sessions typically last ~3h.

Session 1 – Microscope overview. The center staff will explain individual components of the microscope. We recommend that you bring your own sample for this session. The staff will walk you through the imaging conditions (camera parameters, laser power, etc.). If you do not have a sample we may image a multi-color beads sample. At this stage, the staff primarily operates the microscope. We will also explain center policy on handling waste.

Session 2 – Guided usage. The center staff will guide you, as you operate the microscope. Again, we recommend that you to bring your own sample to get a feel for the imaging conditions that suit your needs. At this stage, the user primarily operates the microscope.

Session 3 and 4 – Towards independent usage. The user operates the microscope independently. Staff intermittently guide users as they independently operate the microscope. At times the staff are not in the microscope bay, they are available at the center to assist you if required.

If you have completed sessions 1 and/or 2 you are a “Level 1” user. You still cannot use the microscope independently. If you have completed session 4, you are a “Level 2” user, and can use the microscope independently.

Based on experience and comfort level of users the number of training sessions may be decreased or increased.