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Rates & Requesting NMR Time

Please note:  the online NMR Scheduling system is undergoing revision and not currently available. Thank you for your patience.


To request NMR time, please contact:                                                                        

Vivekanandan Subramanian, Ph.D

NMR Facility Manager

 Phone:  734.763.0329


NMR Request Policy:

1) Note that all new NMR experiments must be approved by the NMR Facility team prior to use.

2) Requests should include a title for the project, a brief description (<500 words), a short code for recharge, amount of time requested, a proposed probe and the NMR experiment, and a proposed certified NMR operator. Note that projects do need to satisfy basic criteria to be considered for Biophysics NMR usage.

3) A meeting may be requested to explore the best mode for carrying out the proposed experiments, either via staff support, staff based training, or collaborative arrangements with Biophysics NMR PIs. 

4) The NMR Facility Manager will be in charge of assigning NMR time for approved projects, and the Director will help establish the priorities of approved projects.

5) Note that a request to use the NMR may be denied if the user has previously demonstrated carelessness in using a machine, inflicted damage to a machine, and/or grossly misused the allotted NMR time.


Use Category: Bruker DRX 500 MHz NMR Solution & Solid Bruker DRX 600 MHz NMR Solution Varian 600 MHz NMR Solution Varian 500 MHz NMR Solid State Varian 600 MHz NMR Solid State
Internal UM user NMR rate $8/hr $8/hr NA NA $6/hr
Internal UM user consultation/technician services rate $20/hr $20/hr NA NA $15/hr
External non-UM user NMR rate - academic institution $30/hr $30/hr NA NA $30/hr
External non-UM user NMR rate - non-academic institution (private) $80/hr $80/hr NA NA $80/hr
External non-UM user consultation/technician services rate $60/hr $60/hr NA NA $60/hr
Additional consumable supplies and materials costs may apply