We are delighted to welcome our 2023 Biophysics REU students to Ann Arbor for the summer! They will be with us until August 5, 2023.

This year’s cohort is:

  • Lily Bertemes: Physics major at Ohio State University, working in Markos Koutmos's lab
  • Colin Davidson: Biochemistry major at Washington University in St. Louis, working in Kevin Wood's lab
  • Jessica Dawson: Biophysics major from SUNY Geneseo, working in Allen Liu's lab
  • Rachel Hendrickson: Biochemistry & Biophysics major from Amherst College, working in Jim Penner-Hahn's lab
  • Rachel Meeker: Physics major from Kansas State University, working in Tomek Cierpicki's lab
  • Bella Schaub: Biophysics major from Xavier University, working in Dawen Cai's lab
  • Anna Shcherbakova: Physics major from Texas A&M University, working in Julie Biteen's Lab 

We are so excited to have these students join us and can’t wait to see what they accomplish this summer! Help us welcome this group! 

About REU

The Summer REU Program in Biophysics provides selected non-University of Michigan undergraduate students from around the United States an opportunity to conduct ten weeks of summer research with some of the country's leading biophysicists in a range of biophysical fields. The program is conducted in concert with the NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates Program and is supported by funds from the National Science Foundation. Learn more about the Summer REU Program in Biophysics here.