Hometown: Littleton, Colorado

Major/Track: Biophysics PhD from PIBS program

Campus Organizations: MHSPEA and U-MyScI

What inspired you to major in Biophysics? My research experience in undergraduate inspired me to study RNA biology. The strong community of RNA research and the unique interdisciplinary focus of biophysics is why I chose to study biophysics in graduate school.

Have you particpated in an intership or research experience? Yes, I participated in 2 REU experiences in undergraduate and I will have a research sabbatical next summer.

What advice would you give to students considering a major in Biophysics at the University of Michigan? Try your best to stay grounded. There is so much to learn and do in this field that it can be a little overwhelming. Enjoy discovering new things and do your best to stay excited despite the difficulty.

What do you hope to do after graduating from Michigan? I hope to teach as a professor at a small undergraduate focused university or at a community college.

What is your favorite place on campus? The Rackham study rooms or the Michigan League on Wednesday nights (for swing dancing!)

What else do you want us to know? I received the Chemical Biology Interface Training Grant in August 2019, shortly after I joined Markos Koutmos's group.