Biophysics would like to introduce our newest faculty member, Professor Sarah Keane.

Sarah graduated from Furman University with a B.S. in Chemistry (2007). Under the direction of David Giedroc, she received a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Indiana University (2012). Sarah then accepted a postdoctoral position with Michael Summers at HHMI at the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

The Keane Lab is interested in uncovering the structures and mechanisms of biologically relevant noncoding RNAs using NMR spectroscopy complemented with other biochemical and biophysical tools.

The discovery of functional non-coding (nc) RNAs has revolutionized our understanding of gene expression and regulation. There is a wealth of recent information implicating ncRNAs as regulators of a variety of cellular and pathogenic processes. To this end, Sarah is interested in uncovering the mechanisms and functional roles of ncRNAs in disease progression using a combination of biomolecular NMR and other biophysical and structural tools.

Sarah holds a joint appointment with Biophysics and Chemistry. Join us in welcoming her to the faculty!