We are pleased to announce the following students will be joining the U-M Biophysics program in Fall, 2009: 1. Chun-Chieh Chang (National Taiwan University) - PIBS 2. Charity Haynes (Delaware State University) - PIBS 3. Joshua Jasensky (Miami University) - Direct 4. Anthony Mustoe (Washington University) - PIBS 5. Stephen Norris (University of N. Carolina - Chapel Hill) - Direct 6. Leela Ruckthong (Kasetsart University, Thailand) - Direct 7. Teppei Shirakura (Iowa State University) - PIBS 8. Rohit Singh (USC) - Direct 9. Veronica Taylor (Gustavus Adolphus College) - PIBS 10. Noga Yaniv (Tel Aviv University) - PIBS Congratulations! Also, a big THANKS to all the faculty and staff for their efforts during the recruiting season this year. Our ability to recruit the best and brightest students would not work without their participation.