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Transfer Student Information

Welcome to the University of Michigan!


The Program in Biology is excited to welcome transfer students from across the state, the country, and the world.  We value the unique experiences, perspectives, and skills that our transfer students bring to our program and we are continually looking for ways to help you find and follow your passion at Michigan.

Below please find a list of resources and frequently asked questions for transfer students.  Please consider these as a supplement (or a first line of research) to an in-person advising meeting in our office (make an appointment here or drop in to see our Peer Advising team). 

Prospective Transfer Students

The Transfer Process - "How Do I Get Started?"

Transferring to the University of Michigan begins with the Office of Admissions.  Their admissions counselors and array of informational programs (including Transfer Tuesdays) will help you get started on your Michigan journey. 

At any point in the process, you can make an advising appointment with us or drop in to talk to our Peer Advising Team. You don't have to be admitted to come see us! Just be aware that many specific transfer credit evaluation questions cannot be answered until you've gone through the syllabus submission process described here.

Transferring Courses - "Will My Courses Count Toward My U-M Degree?"

Transferring credits from your original institution to the U-M is a multi-stage process.  We describe this in detail in the Transfer Credit page of this website. 

Most college-level Biology courses at accredited institutions will transfer as "departmental" credit.  This usually means they will count toward your general education credit, but not necessarily toward your major.  This is an important distinction.  While we have introductory course agreements with a number of Michigan institutions, there are many courses and schools that will require individualized evaluations before you know how they will count.  See the information in the link above.

Remember:  We welcome questions!  Check in with our office any time to help navigate this process.

Admitted Transfer Students

Practical Planning - "What Will My Life Look Like @ U-M?"

Many offices have support programs specifically geared toward the needs of transfer students:

Some transfer students might benefit from specialized services for students with children, veterans, or for those looking for on- or off-campus housing (including options for students interested in a residential program: The Transfer-Year Experience).  

Michigan also maintains an active Student Employment Office, for information regarding jobs on- and off-campus.  For those students who drive in daily, Parking & Transportation Services maintains a list of commuter options that can save time and expenses.  

The Office of Financial Aid also highlights resources geared to transfer students, including instructions on how to apply for aid.

Transfer Students & Academic Life

Academic Support - "How Can I Make Sure I Succeed?"

The College of LSA maintains a list of academic resources and opportunities that are of special interest to transfer students.  Of note for Program in Biology transfer students is the Science Learning Center (SLC):  Study groups, informational programs, and tutoring options supplement faculty and GSI office hours and provide a supportive group of learning experts and fellow students.

The Office of New Student Programs also runs a valuable mentoring service.  Transfer Connections links new transfer students with fellow students as well as faculty mentors.  

Program in Biology Transfer Services

Biology Coursework - "What Is BIOLOGY 191? How Do 191 & 192 Count?"

Many students receive credit for BIOLOGY 101X and BIOLOGY 191 as part of their transfer evaluation report from the Biology department. BIOLOGY 191 is the prerequisite for BIOLOGY 192 - Accelerated Introductory Biology, which is a single-term (fall) course that provides a faster-paced overview of the introductory material contained in the traditional intro. sequence (171 & 172). 

BIOLOGY 192 supports transfer students in particular, and looks to build upon a student's past biology study while providing an overview of the Michigan Biology approach to teaching and learning.  Students in BIOLOGY 192 are provided with in-class student support as well as a small teacher:student ratio, as well as lessons and supplementary info. tailored to transfer students in their first year.

Pursuing a Biology Major - "How Do I Check My Progress Toward a Degree?"

All students are encouraged to meet with a Biology advisor once per term.  This is an opportunity to track your coursework and get news about new course offerings or support programs.  As advanced students with directly relatable experience, Peer Advisors can also be valuable resources.  They are available for walk-ins throughout the week!  

Students are encouraged to declare a major as soon as they have completed some Biology coursework at U-M.  Please also consider subscribing to our mailing list to receive information about employment and course opportunities, as well as upcoming events.