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First Gen. & Transfer Students

First Generation Faculty Mentors in biology are available to meet with students!


Are you a first generation college student?


Or maybe you transferred to the University of Michigan and you are trying to navigate the complexities of a large university? Or perhaps both?  We in the Program in Biology can help.

There is now faculty mentoring specifically for students interested in majors and careers in the life sciences, and who may be first generation college students and/or transfer students. Most of the faculty advisors are also first generation students themselves, so they have very likely struggled with the same kinds of challenges that you may be experiencing as you adjust to university life and pursue your career.

So we welcome you, and we encourage you to come see us, whether you have questions about biology research, careers or just how to adapt to college life.

Hope to see you soon!

(For advising on major or minor declaration, honors program information, checking degree progress, or other degree requirement questions, please make an appointment with a staff or faculty academic advisor.)