By Gail Kuhnlein
Feb 16, 2016

The results of Charlie's travels and filmmaking across the United States began airing on NatGeo WILD Saturday morning, March 5, prime time for the young audience Engelman hopes to reach. The series comprises 10 minute long interstitial programming that will air in-between other programs.   

“Wake up early, make a wicked breakfast and watch “Nature Boom Time!” because it’s going to be the greatest show you’ve seen in your entire life,” Engelman said, with his own unique brand of wit and enthusiasm. "I'm a little biased. But – it's amazing." 

He and his team traveled for 75 days, to “the most amazing forests across the U.S.,” camping in Washington state, climbing to the top of giant sequoias in California, where they even spent a night in hammocks, diving into kelp forests off Monterey, Calif., explored the petrified forests of Arizona, canoed the Everglades alongside crocodiles, stayed in a fire tower on top of a Montana mountain, and much more. Be careful, you are likely to catch Engelman’s infectious enthusiasm if you watch these programs. Consider yourself warned. And, don’t forget the wicked breakfast.

As an undergraduate student at the University of Michigan, Engelman was co-advised by Professors Robyn Burnham and Laura Olsen

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