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Making Michigan Program Archive

Ribbon-cutting ceremony for the exhibit "The Leaders and the Rest: Boundaries and Belonging at the University of Michigan," January 13, 2017. (photo: Joseph Ho)

Below is a list of affiliated programs for Making Michigan, the Winter 2017 Bicentennial LSA Theme Semester. To watch recorded events, please click on links below (not all programs are available). Promotional materials are listed when available.

Events listed in chronological order. Link for the schedule of events brochure.

Symposium 1817: Nation Building in the Old Northwest and the Making of the University of Michigan (poster)
Curator: Michael Witgen

  • An Evening with Colson Whitehead, January 12, 2017
  • The Political Economy of Plunder (Michael Witgen, Tiya Miles), January 13, 2017 (panel discussion

The Leaders and The Rest: Boundaries and Belonging at the University of Michigan (exhibit, Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library Gallery, Room 100), January 4-February 25, 2017

Making Michigan in the Industrial Age (curator: Anthony Ross; guests: Stefan J. Link, Noam Maggor, Christopher Newfield, Anthony Ross), January 24, 2017 (panel discussion)

Alumni Lecture Series

  • American Culture: Revisiting Rosa Parks in the Age of Black Lives Matter (Jeanne Theoharis), January 25, 2017
  • Mathematics: Some Perspective on Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (Stephen Smale), Feburary 15, 2017

Making Michigan Medicine

  • A Hospital of Our Own: The Origins and Early History of the University of Michigan Hospital (Joel Howell), February 6, 2017  (lecture)
  • Frederick Novy and the Beginnings of Bacteriology in American Medicine, 1889-1933 (Powel Kazanjian), February 8, 2017 (lecture

Symposium 1877: Reconstructing the University of Michigan (poster)
Curator: Jonathan Wells

  • Reconstructing the University of Michigan (Martin Hershock, Michelle McClellan, John Quist, Gayle Rubin), February 10, 2017 (panel
  • A Dangerous Experiment (play), February 10-12, 2017

Symposium 1917: Michigan's Great War and Its Aftermath (poster)
Curators: Melanie Tanielian, Allan Lumba 

  • Academic Freedom in Times of War (Howard Brick, Beshara Doumani, Julia E. Liss, Joshua Miller, Melanie Tanielian), February 17, 2017 (panel
  • Michigan Knowledge in a World of Empires and Colonies (Allan Lumba, Andrew Patrick, Victoria Reyes, Colleen Woods), February 17, 2017 (panel

Science and Reputation: Biology, Social Thought, and the Modern University (curator: Francis X. Blouin, Jr.; guests: Robert Bender, Francis X. Blouin, Terrence J. McDonald, Kate Rosenblatt, Perrin Selcer), February 21, 2017 (panel discussion)

From Swing to Hip-Hop: A Photographic History of Musical Performance at the University of Michigan (exhibit, Michigan League Lobby), March 6-April 30, 2017 (walk-through video)

Money Matters: Remaking U-M in the Auto Age (Kevin Boyle), March 13, 2017 (lecture

Symposium 1943: Consequences of Mobilization (poster)
Curators: Deborah Dash Moore, Marian Krzyzowski 

  • Ann Arbor: The GI Bill and Its Impact on Higher Education (Glenn Altschuler, Bob Bain, Philo Hutcheson), March 15, 2017 (lectures
  • Willow Run: Gender, Race, and Factory Work During and After World War II (Seth Bernstein, Deborah Dash Moore, Jennifer Friess, Stephen Hartke, Marian Krzyzowski, Ruth Milkman, Kate Rosenblatt, Ernestine Ruben), March 15, 2017 (lecture, panels
  • Detroit’s Music in 1943: From Night Clubs to Neighborhoods (Mark Slobin, Vincent York's Jazzistry)
  • Ernestine Ruben at Willow Run: Mobilizing Memory (exhibit), March 11-August 10

Pop Art Comes to Michigan, 1963 (poster)
Curator: Rebecca Zurier

  • Keynote Lectures (Michael Lobel, David McCarthy, Rebecca Zurier), March 18, 2017 (lectures)
  • Discussion (Miriam Levin, Michele Oka Doner, Alexander Potts), March 18, 2017 (panel

Pentagon Midwest: Military Research and the Making of the University of Michigan (curators: Joy Rohde, Salem Elzway; guests: David Chudwin, Salem Elzway, Joy Rohde, Paul Rubinson, Thomas Senior, Ernest P. Young), March 20, 2017 (panel

Lasting Synergies (exhibit, North Quad Space 2435), March 21-26, 2017

The Institute for Social Research and Social Science at the University and Michigan and Beyond: 1946-1970 (curator: Kenneth Sylvester; guests: Eugene Burnstein, James House, Robert Kahn, Donald Kinder, Margaret Levenstein, Robert Pachella, Frank Stafford), March 22, 2017 (panel)

Detroiters Speak: Examining University Engagement with Detroit (curators: Karyn Lacy, Craig Regester; guests: Joel Berger, Kendra Hearn, Aaron Kinzel, Ashley Lucas, Molly Sweeney), March 23, 2017 (poster)

Standing with Spain: Anti-Fascist Student Activism and the Spanish Civil War (poster)
Curator: Juli Highfill

  • Music of the Republic and Civil War (María Isabel Pérez Dobarro), March 23, 2017
  • Invisible Heroes: African Americans in the Spanish Civil War (screening and discussion, Alfonso Domingo), March 23, 2017
  • Student Panels, March 24, 2017
  • Facing Fascism: Americans and the Spanish Civil War (Peter N. Carroll), March 24, 2017
  • Student Panels, March 25, 2017
  • Activism Today in Spain and the US, March 25, 2017
  • Where Have You Gone Arthur Miller? America’s Forgotten Student Movement and the Spanish Civil War (Robert Cohen), March 25, 2017

Object Lessons: Museums and Collections at the University of Michigan in the Nineteenth Century (Kerstin Barndt), March 30, 2017

Symposium 1967: Shock Waves: The Detroit Rebellion and Its Consequences (poster)
Curators: Christian Davenport, Matthew Lassiter, Heather Ann Thompson 

  • Experiencing the Rebellion in the City of Detroit (Herb Boyd, Christian Davenport, Ike McKinnon, Bill McGraw, Danielle McGuire), March 31, 2017 (panel
  • Experiencing the Rebellion on Campus and in Ann Arbor (Rich Feldman, Matthew Lassiter, Austin McCoy, Cynthia Stephens), March 31, 2017 (panel
  • The Rebellion’s Legacies (Sheila Cockrel, Angela Dillard, Stephen Henderson, Suzanne Smith, Heather Thompson), March 31, 2017 (panel

U-M Works Because We Do: Graduate Workers and GEO at the University of Michigan (curator: Nora Krinitsky; guests: Nora Krinitsky, Scott Schneider, Sanra Silberstein), April 4, 2017 (panel

Better Angels: Queer Lives and Intimacies on Campus, 1900-1960 (curator: David Hutchinson; guests: Cassius Adair, Alex Chow, David Hutchinson), April 5, 2017 (panel

The Power of Place-Naming: C.C. Little, Eugenics, and the University of Michigan (curator: Alexandra Minna Stern; guests: Matthew Countryman, Joshua Hasler, Martin S. Pernick, Kumea Shorter-Gooden, Alexandra Minna Stern), April 11, 2017 (panel)