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Duncan Campbell

BS, Michigan Astro  ’11 | PhD Student, Yale | Gruber Science Fellowship

His Story: Duncan Campbell came to U-M for engineering but realized he preferred theoretical to practical science. He transferred to physics and after taking an astrophysics class, decided to double major. He began working with Professor Marta Volonteri on numerical models of black-hole feedback to examine the relationship between black holes and their home galaxies. He is working on the second of two papers from this research.

Favorite Undergrad Experience: “In addition to the research, one of the best aspects of the astronomy department is that it’s so small and personalized. As students, we were all in SAS and worked together. We also had regular group meetings with faculty, research scientists, postdocs, and PhD students. And it was easy and comfortable to go to talks and colloquia or just hang out with faculty outside the classroom. Even as undergraduates, we were part of the culture.”

Current Work: Duncan is using data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey to assign galaxies to clusters and study how a cluster’s environment affects the evolution of its constituent galaxies.