Ryan MacDonald will be joining the Department of Astronomy at the University of Michigan as a Sagan Fellow in fall 2022. Sagan Fellows are one of three sub-categories of the the prestigious NASA Hubble Fellowship Program (NHFP), the other two sub-categories being Einstein and Hubble Fellows. Each sub-category corresponds to a broad scientific question about the universe that NASA seeks to answer.  Read more about the 2022 NHFP here.

Dr. MacDonald is an expert in exoplanet atmospheric characterization. According to his web site, his research "...merges observational astronomy and theoretical models, with a particular emphasis on computational atmospheric retrieval techniques applied to ground and space-based telescope data."

During his Fellowship at U-M, he will be affiliated with the Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems (FEPS) research group interpreting JWST data on transiting planets with NIRISS (and other instruments) as well as work with Prof. Emily Rauscher and her research group.