Professor Chris Miller has been selected as a receipient of LSA's 2022 John Dewey Award for his ongoing commitment to the education of undergraduate students within the Department of Astronomy and beyond.  The LSA Executive Committee highlighted Prof. Miller's impressive contributions including: teaching successfully at all levels, serving as director of undergraduate studies in a time of significant growth in majors, reimagining departmental advising, and providing guidance, support, and inspiration to many as the department shifted to remote instruction.

A small number of Dewey Award winners are named each year, noting their particular distincition among a strong group of faculty members.  Dewey winners are considered to model the full range of John Dewey’s own considerable talents: scholarly productivity, provision of leadership, and engagement with and care for students.

The John Dewey Award consists of a prize of $10,000 and a certificate acknowledging the faculty member's achievements in undergraduate teaching. It is LSA's tradition to present these awards officially at the LSA Faculty Promotions Dinner at the end of the summer. 

Congratuations to Prof. Miller on this well-deserved award!