Who we are:

Thomas Shearer (upper left) - Junior, Astronomy/Astrophysics and Physics

Joseph Ryan (upper right) - Junior, Physics and Mathematics 

Michael Messere (lower left) - Junior, Astronomy/Astrophysics and Physics

Samuel Kim (lower right) - Junior, Astronomy/Astrophysics


Why we started the podcast:

We aim to break down barriers in science.  To wit, our podcast has three objectives.  Firstly, we want to show not only the amazing science that people are discovering, but also who those people are and how they got to doing it.  As students, we’ve gotten to discover some scientists’ amazing back-stories ‒  throughout  all stages in their careers ‒ and would like to share them. Secondly, we want to break down the seeming shroud surrounding cutting edge science and show that science is not only accessible to anyone but can be enjoyed at many levels by many people.  Thirdly, we want to show how impactful science can really be at improving aspects of all our lives.  

As was pointed out to us by an astronomy professor from a previous episode, science is a social activity.  The need for collaboration between scientists of all ages and backgrounds is crucial.  We want to share ideas and stories to showcase science in some of its broader aspects.  


What it’s all about:

Initially, we set out with the ambition to sit down and talk with professors and other scientists about what they do on a daily basis as well as their experiences on their scientific journey. We have talked to professors in a variety of space-related fields about their work.  We also aim to broaden the discussion by talking to grad students and other undergrads about their experiences studying science.  As our name suggests, we really want to cover a broad spectrum of topics without focusing only on pure science.  

During the initial months of lockdown, we also developed a series called Not So Sirius (no pun intended), in which we discuss broader topics amongst the four of us.  The motivation behind it is to discuss one idea in a more laid back and conversational setting.  There are many fascinating scientific ideas that are difficult to grasp without serious time investment; we hope to bring to light some of the big questions and implications of complicated ideas such as: black holes, dark matter and the origins of life.  We also discuss what it’s like to study astronomy and physics at Michigan and have included a science news segment into our Not So Sirius episodes.   Ultimately, we want to expose our audience to ideas that they may have never heard before. 


Where to find us:

If you are a professor, researcher, or student that is interested in being a guest on our podcast, feel free to contact us! Our podcast is available on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify at https://linktr.ee/everythingastronomy

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