Dr. Megan Reiter is part of a team that found a jet from a Massive Young Stellar Object (MYSO) in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC).
Jets are common for young stelar objects, but they tend to be hard to study. Most of the known MYSOs have been in our own galaxy, in areas dense with gas and dust that block the light from reaching us. The LMC however has very little dust compared to our home galaxy but is right next door, and that allowed Reiter’s team to get a good look at this object.
In fact, this is only the second object of this type that astronomers have confirmed outside of our Milky Way.
The unique environment of the LMC allowed them to make many direct observations. These observations match with models, indicating that the physics that governs the formation and structure of these jets is actually independent of the mass of star.
Their work, "A parsec-scale optical jet from a massive young star in the Large Magellanic Cloud” by McLeod et. al. was published on 24 January 2018 in Nature. https://arxiv.org/abs/1801.08147