On April 8, 2015, Sarah Seager gave the 2015 Mohler prize lecture: “The Search for Earth 2.0”. 

This beautiful and engaging presentation began with an exploration of a few of the thousands of known exoplanets using NASA’s Eyes on Exoplanets app, which you can download to your own computer form http://eyes.nasa.gov/exoplanets/index.html. If the travel posters caught your eye, be sure to visit the Exoplanet Travel Bureau

Professor Seager addressed several common questions about exoplanets, such as if we can’t go there, why bother looking, and how would we know if there might be life. She also showed off some innovative design ideas for a new space telescope that could help find exoplanets similar to Earth orbiting nearby stars. Those who wanted to know more had the opportunity to ask questions during the Q&A, and to talk to her during the reception after.

The Orren C. Mohler Prize is awarded for excellence in research in astronomy and astrophysics. Award winners are traditionally asked to present both a public talk and a colloquium about their work. For more information about the Mohler prize, including a list of past recipients, and about Orren C. Mohler, please visit the Orren C. Mohler prize page.

More event photos are available on Flickr.