Each year the Astronomy undergraduates get to present their impressive research in the Astronomy Undergraduate Poster Session. This year's participants included:
Caleb Abbott, Adham El-Batal, Andreia Carrillo,  Xinyi Chen, Jacob Dennis, Sam Dunham, Sierra Grant, Ben Harmsen, Keith Johnson, Nicholas Kern, Rebecca Martel, Katherine Murray, Trevor Picard, Dulce Rios, Adam Rubinstein, Kimberly P. Sinclair, Ezekiel Silverstein, and William Waalkes.
Nicholas Kern won best poster for "Caustic Masses From Stacked Galaxy Clusters: Toward an Unbiased Mass-Richness Relationship for Galaxy Clusters". He worked with grad student Daniel Gifford and Prof. Christopher Miller.
This year's poster fair was organized by Andreia Carrillo and profs. Nuria Calvet and Edwin Bergin. The Program was designed by Ilya Beskin and Sunny Zhou.
View more photos in the 2015 undergraduate poster fair album on Flickr.