Michigan Astronomy welcomes our newest alumni:
Astronomy & Astrophysics honors students: Kyle Twadelle, and  Nico Wagner.
Interdisciplinary Astronomy honors student:Alex Blaty
Astronomy & Astrophysics majors: Maria Mate-Kodjo, Adrianna Oraiqat, and Sam Swihart.
Interdisciplinary Astronomy majors: Talor Henderson, and Evan Kasal
Interdisciplinary Astronomy minor honors student: Ciara Turner.
Astronomy & Astrophysics minors: Devin Hupp and Sarah Scholten
Interdisciplinary Astronomy minors: Neal Al-Attar, Jordan Haddad, Joshua Higgins, and Neilesh Parikh.
Graduating this summer with an Interdisciplinary Astronomy minor:  Karlie Weltman

Nico Wagner and Alex Blaty also received awards for Excellence in Astronomy Research and Community Outreach
The department celebrated these accomplishments with a graduation party on Friday May 2. View pictures from the event below, or on our graduation 2014 Flickr stream.