Astro 461 at Kitt PeakThis spring, we initiated a unique, 4-week course held in residence at Kitt Peak National Observatory: Astro 461, "Ground-Based Observatories", taught by Sally Oey. 

Astronomy majors used the MDM telescopes to carry out research projects in teams, and immersed themselves in all aspects of observatory operations, ranging from instrumentation to the water treatment plant, to the public outreach programs. 

Tour of WIYN 3.5-m telescopeStudents also went on various field trips, including to the 6.5-m MMT telescope on Mt. Hopkins, Steward Observatory Mirror Lab, and Tohono O'Odham Cultural Center. The course culminated with a poster session on the student research projects.

Top photo by John Glaspey. All others by Hui Li.

In the Cassegrain cage of the 4-m telescopeTour of the WIYN bench spectrograph