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Undergraduate Theses

Beyer, Adrian. "Representations of Kathoey in Thai Boys Love Television." (Advisor: Reginald Jackson)

Chin, Raphael Jeong-Hin. "Malaysian Chinese Funeral Rituals: A Study of Special Rituals for Unnatural Death." 马来西亚华人葬礼仪式:非自然死亡的特殊仪式. (Advisor: Ben Brose)

Cho, Yunseo. "Neither Same Nor Equal: Hanbok in Zainichi Koreans and South Koreans." (Advisor: Se-Mi Oh)

Fujiwara, Reika. "Are Women to Blame for Japan's Declining Birth Rate?" (Advisor: Reginald Jackson)

Hennigan, Grace. "The Censorship and Transformation of Chinese Hip-Hop: Does Anti-Blackness Play a Role?" (Advisor: Miranda Brown)

Jackson, Lillith. "A Death in the Family: Decay of Filial Piety in Colonial Taiwanese Literature." (Advisor: Erin Brightwell)

Yang, Lola. "A Queer 兔儿: Rabbit God Narratives Across the Chinese Anglophone." (Advisor: Reginald Jackson)

Burmeister, Margaret. "Japanese Colonial Architecture in Korea." (Advisor: Se-Mi Oh)

Cooke, Molly. "Angry Young Men Go to the Polls: The Gender Equality Debate and the 2022 South Korean Presidential Election." (Advisor: Youngju Ryu)

Deardurff, Marissa. "'Don't Ask' Murders: Narrating Motiveless Crimes in South Korea News Media." (Advisor: Youngju Ryu)

Duong, Francesca. "Yeet Hay 上火 and 熱氣: the Mysterious Ailment and its Cultural Contexts." (Advisor: Miranda Brown)

Guo, Agusta. "Adaptations of China’s Four Great Classic Novels for Children." (Advisor: Miranda Brown)

Tran, Brian. "The Era of Convergence: K-Pop and Gaming Industries Through Augmented Reality." (Advisor: Youngju Ryu)

 Yan, Kevin. "Exploring the Versatility of the Sword as a Metaphor in Early Chinese Discourse through Xunzi and the Zhuangzi." (Advisor: Sonya Özbey)

Daniels, Ella. "Trend Implications of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Chinese Medical System." (Advisor: Miranda Brown)

He, Yingchao. "Fashioning Contemporary Political Leadership in the People's Republic of China: A Case Study of Xi Jinping's Cadre Jacket." (Advisor: Juhn Ahn)

Kim, Limmy. "The Entertainment of Divorce." (Advisor: Juhn Ahn)

Varner, Kimiko. "The End of Mitsubishi Zaibatsu: A Study of SCAP Policy and Opposition." (Advisor: Chris Hill)

Wankhede, Ruchi. "When Perceptions Fall Short: Understanding the Relationship Between the Government and Marginalized Groups in China and India." (Advisor: Christi Merrill)

Ji, Huaming. "Whisper Softly and Yell Loudly: A Comparative Study of Cantopop and Beijing Rock and Roll Music." (Advisor: Emily Wilcox)

Smith, Zari. "Cultural Gateways: Localization of Video Games as Cultural Artifacts." (Advisor: Allison Alexy)

Yuan, Jiayin. "Named Swords in The Tale of the Heike: Decline, Failure, and Death." (Advisor: Erin Brightwell)

Nolan, Matthew. "Exercising Power: How the People's Republic of China Worked to Boost Physical Fitness and Build a Strong Nation." (Advisor: Emily Wilcox)

Paulson, Shauna. "Chronically Colonized: The Japanese Occupation in Contemporary Korean Cinema." (Advisor: Youngju Ryu)

Hubbell, Elena. "A Beautiful Uyghur Revolutionary: Anarhan and Female Uyghur Representation in Modern China." (Advisor: Emily Wilcox)

Beck, Jonah. "Pu’er Tea in the Internet Age" (Video Essay). (Advisor: Miranda Brown)

Dumas, Kendall. "Soliciting the Post-Democratization Korean State: Motiveless Murders and Their Salience in Public-State Relations." (Advisor: Juhn Ahn)

Forgacs, Jamie. "Literature, Loss, and the Surrogate Griever: The Figure of the Factory Girl in South Korea’s Economic Miracle." (Advisor: Youngju Ryu)

Lachter, Amelia. "China’s Multifaceted Approach to Dominating the South China Sea Dispute." (Advisor: Miranda Brown)

Reinhold, Kiersten. "Trafficked: Adjusting the Framework for Discussing North Koreans in China." (Advisors: Juhn Ahn and Se-Mi Oh) 

Weinstein, Emily. "The Role of Political Boundaries in the Development of Relations among China, North Korea and the Former Soviet Union." (Advisor: Youngju Ryu)