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LRCCS Cinetopia Film Screening | Free and Easy

Friday, June 2, 2017
4:15-5:45 PM
Main Auditorium Off Campus Location
MICHIGAN PREMIERE. A dash of dark Coen Brothers-esque humor, a smidgen of creeping post-apocalyptic dread, and a few ounces of post-industrial China are the elements that comprise the cinematic cocktail that is director JUN GENG’s Free and Easy. Don’t let the film’s slow-burn pace fool you – if the beautiful shots of snowy desolation don’t draw you into this tale of thieves, liars, and con men, its quirky and offbeat characters will. Shot in a series of loose vignettes, the film begins with a traveling soap salesman and quickly expands to a bumbling police duo, a monk, and a forester – none of whom may be what they seem at first glance. It’s an undiscovered gem that feels just right for this often absurd post-election world we currently find ourselves navigating. Winner of the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL SPECIAL JURY PRIZE FOR WORLD CINEMA – DRAMATIC.

China, 90 min, Foreign Narrative, Chinese with English subtitles, Not Rated
Building: Off Campus Location
Location: Michigan Theater, 603 E Liberty St
Event Type: Film Screening
Tags: Chinese Studies, Film
Source: Happening @ Michigan from Lieberthal-Rogel Center for Chinese Studies, International Institute, Asian Languages and Cultures