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"Every great and deep difficulty bears in itself its own solution. 
It forces us to change our thinking in order to find it

Niels Bohr-

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Name Degree Dissertation Title
Dr. Mallory Fuhst 2024 Atomic-Scale Simulations of Solvent Decomposition and Solid-State Ion Transport in Alkaline-based Batteries
Dr. Adrianna Angulo 2023 Hydrodynamic Instabilities in High-Energy-Density Physics 
Dr. Abdul Rahim Ansari 2023 Femtosecond Laser Pulses and Thin Metallic Films: Mixing in the Vapor Dome and the Solid State 
Dr. Lucas Beving 2023 Testing Models of Sheaths and Instabilities with Particle-in-cell Simulations 
Dr. Grace Cai 2023 Mechanobiology of Jamming: From Collective Migration to Mechanically Tunable Hydrogels
Dr. Shane Coffing 2023 Modeling Hydrodynamic Instabilities, Shocks, and Radiation Waves in High Energy Density Physics 
Dr. George Dowhan 2023 Characterization of X-Pinches on the MAIZE Linear Transformer Driver 
Dr. Bolaji Eniwaye 2023 Cholinergic Modulation of Network Activity and Applications in Sleep, Memory and Anesthesia 
Dr. Michael Helton 2023 Atomic-Scale Simulations of Solvent Decomposition and Solid-State Ion Transport in Alkaline-based Batteries
Dr. Hao Huang 2023 Generation, Optimization and Amplification of Ultrashort Infrared Pulses 
Dr. Xinjing Huang 2023 Device Physics and Applications of Ternary Organic Photovoltaics 
Dr. Louis Jose 2023 Kinetic Theory of Strongly Magnetized Plasmas 
Dr. Nicholas Joslyn 2023 Coherence Recovery in Random Environments Using the Autoproduct
Dr. Morgan Loechli 2023 Constraining Northern Carbon Fluxes with Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Observations 
Dr. Nick Pant 2023 From Atoms to Devices: Performance Bottlenecks of Nitride Semiconductors Using Multi-Scale Quantum Methods
Dr. Thomas Shaw 2023 Investigating Spatial Organization and Physicochemical Interactions in Biomembranes: Tools and Insights 
Dr. Gregory Smail 2023 Investigation of Magneto-Electric Rectification at the Molecular Level
Dr. Qiannan Wen 2023  
Dr. Andrew Cadotte 2022 Self-Assembly and Real-Space Modeling in Binary Hard-Particle and Quasicrystalline Systems
Dr. Michael Dominguez 2022 Analysis of the Coupled Electron and Nuclear Spin Systems from Optically Induced Dynamic Nuclear Polarization in GaAs
Dr. Hua-Wei Hsu 2022 Time-dependent Nuclear Spin Polarization, Effects of Device Non-uniformity on the Gunn Effect, and Electron Spin Dynamics at High Electric Fields in GaAs
Dr. Jiaqi Hu  2022 Phase Transitions of Exciton-Polaritons in Grating-Based Microcavities
Dr. Mackenzie Meyer 2022 Investigating Plasma Interactions with Multiphase Surfaces Using Computational Models
Dr. Akash Shah 2022 Effects of Pre-Ionization on the Gas-Puff Z-Pinch
Dr. Robert VanDervort 2022 Experiments at the Intersection of Inertially Confined Fusion and Astrophysics: An Investigation of an Asymmetrically Irradiated Foam Sphere
Dr. Spencer Batalden 2021
Spatially Resolved Optical Measurements of Electron and Hole Spins in Monolayer Tungsten Diselenide
Dr. Darwin Cordovilla 2021 Exciton Transport and Strain Engineering in Atomically Thin Semiconductors
Dr. David Geroski 2021 Wave Propagation and Source Localization in Random and Refracting Media
Dr. Rahul Gogna 2021 Light-Matter Interactions in Transition-Metal Dichalcogenides
Dr. Heath LeFevre 2021 Radiation Hydrodynamics Experiments on Large High-Energy-Density-Physics Facilities that are Relevant to Astrophysics
Dr. David Mayers 2021 New Applications of Satellite-Measured Tropical Cyclone Wind Speeds
Dr. Julia Pakela 2021 Quantum Inspired Machine Learning Algorithms for Adaptive Radiotherapy
Dr. Kaito Yamada 2021 Novel Low-Cost Scalable Nanofabrication Technologies by Soft Lithography, Plasmonic Lithography, and Electrochemical Processes
Dr. Catherine Ayuso 2020 Nuclear Modification of J/psi and Drell-Yan Production at the E906/SeaQuest Experiment
Dr. Sunan Cui 2020 Incorporating Deep Learning Techniques into Outcome Modeling in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients after Radiation Therapy
Dr. Marcel Georgin 2020 Ionization Instability of the Hollow Cathode Plume
Dr. Joseph Iafrate 2020 Current-Induced Spin Polarization and Dynamic Nuclear Polarization: Generation and Manipulation of Electron and Nuclear Spin Polarization in Gallium Arsenide
Dr. Uriah Israel 2020 Networks, Community Detection, and Robustness: Statistical Inference on Student Enrollment Data
Dr. Omar Leon 2020 The Twin-Probe Method: Improving the Accuracy of Langmuir Probes on Small Spacecraft
Dr. Joseph Levesque 2020 Magnetized, Laser-Driven, Plasma Experiments at Astrophysically Relevant Conditions and Proton Imaging of Magnetic Fields
Dr. Ramon Martinez 2020 Long-Wave Infrared Supercontinuum Source and Sensor for Standoff Sensing and Trace Particle Identification
Dr. James Mathis 2020 Optical and Electrical Characterization of ZnSnN2 Thin-Films
Dr. Marshall Scott 2020 The Extraction of dbar/ubar Ratio in Nuclear Media
Dr. Danielle Sofferman 2020 Investigating the Photochemistry of Provitamin D3 as a Function of Liposome Properties
Dr. Lise Wei 2020 Medical Image Analytics (Radiomics) with Machine/Deeping Learning for Outcome Modeling in Radiation Oncology
Dr. Bradley Smith
2019 Techniques for Spectroscopy with Frequency Combs
Dr. Andrew McAllister 2019 First-Principles Calculations of Auger Recombination in Optoelectronic Materials
Dr. Alexander Gvakharia 2019 The Atmospheric Impact of Energy and Food Production
Dr. Alexander Rasmus 2019 Shock Driven Discrete Vortex Growth on Oblique Interfaces
Dr. Bryan Ramson 2018 Parton Dynamics Inferred from High-Mass Drell-Yan Dimuons Induced by 120 GeV p+D Interactions
Dr. Kian Kamgar-Parsi 2018 Amyloid Aggregation Behavior of Human Calcitonin
Dr. Xi Chen 2018 Plasmonic Waveguide Lithography for Patterning Nanostructures with High Aspect-Ratio and Large-Area Uniformity
Dr. Meredith Henstridge 2018 Manipulating Light with Metamaterials: Synchrotron Radiation from an Accelerating Light Pulse and On-Chip Devices
Dr. Brandon Lucas 2017 Nanoimprint Lithography and its Applications in Photonics, Biotechnology and Energy Conversion Devices
Dr. Long Chen 2017 Nanoengineered Functional Structures for Photonic and Microfluidic Applications
Dr. Jessica Ames 2017 Unsnarling Excitation, Relaxation and Scattering Dynamics in Multi-Chiral Distributions of Carbon Nanotubes
Dr. Jojo Amonoo 2016 Optimizing Energy Conversion in Organic Materials via Processing and Morphological Design.
Dr. Ibrahim Oraiqat 2016 Ultrafast Pulsed-Laser Applications for Semiconductor Thin Film Deposition and Graphite Photoexfoliation.
Dr. Steven Young 2016 Electromagnetic Transmission Through Resonant Structures.
Dr. Alexander Fisher 2016 Experiments and Theory of Induced Optical Magnetization.
Dr. Kee Scholten 2015 Microfabricated Optofluidic Ring Resonators for Sensitive, High-Speed Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds
Dr. Liz Shtrahman 2015 Emergence of Spatio-Temporal Pattern Formation and Information Processing in the Brain.
Dr. Remy Elbez 2015 Nanoparticle Induced Cell Magneto-Rotation for the Multiplexed Monitoring of Morphology, Stress and Drug Sensitivity of Suspended Single Cancer Cells.
Dr. Chihyu Chen 2015 ZnTeO and Oxygen Doped II-VI Ternary Alloys for Intermediate Band Solar Cells.
Dr. Leslie Upton 2015 Towards Molecular Control and Rational Design of Molecules with Enhanced Entangled Two-Photon Absorption.
Dr. David Anderson 2015 Rydberg Molecules and Circular Rydberg states in Cold Atom Clouds.
Dr. Kee Scholten 2014 Microfabricated Optofluidic Ring Resonators for Sensitive, High-Speed Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds
Dr. Prashant Padmanabhan 2014 Confinement and coherent generation of acoustic plasmons in photoexcited GaAs
Dr. Carlos Di Stefano 2014 Hydrodynamic instability at high energy density
Dr. Michael Febbraro 2014 A Deuterated Neutron Array for the Study of Nuclear Reactions with Stable and Rare Isotopes
Dr. Tracy Berman 2014 Microstructure Evolution and Tensile Deformation in Mg Alloy AZ61 Through Thixomolding and Thermomechanical Processing.
Dr. Justin Foley 2014 Senior Research Scientist, Signature Research Inc. Calumet, MI
Dr. Eliseo Gamboa 2013 Spatially-resolved x-ray scattering experiments
Dr. Meredith Brenner 2013 Applications of ultra-fast pulse shaping to Two-photon fluorescence microscopy.
Dr. Christine Krauland 2013 Radiative reverse shock experiments in high-energy-density plasmas
Dr. Christopher Kyle Renshaw 2013 Hybrid Organic and Inorganic Optoelectronics
Dr. Ilya Vugmeyster 2013 Development of a terahertz time-domain spectrometer optimized at 5-8 THz and the study of surface polaritons in NiO-SrTiO_3 nano-composite ceramics
Dr. Johnhenri Richardson 2013 Quantifying and Scaling Airplane Performance in Turbulence
Dr. Chuan-Chih (Jason) Chou 2013 Mixed-Cell Methods for Diffusion Problems in Multi-Material Systems” New job under Alumni: Senior Multi-disciplinary Engineer I, Signal Processing, Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson, AZ
Dr. Nicholas Patterson, Dissertation 2013 CRASH Simulation of Rayleigh-Taylor, Richtmyer-Meshkov, and Magnetic Rayleigh-Taylor Instability
Dr. Suzanne Nowicki 2013 Development of the Next Generation High-Sensitivity CdZnTe Imaging Gamma-Ray Spectrometer for Planetary Science Applications
Dr. Ryan Murphy 2012 Femtosecond Laser Interactions at Interfaces and Their Applications
Dr. Matthew Ross 2012 Mid-Infrared Pulse Shaping and Two-Dimensional Spectroscopy of Open Quantum Systems in Liquid Solution
Dr. Gregory McGraw 2012 High Resolution Organic Vapor Jet Printing of Phosphorescent Organic Light Emitting Diode Arrays
Dr. William Fisher 2012 Transverse Optical Magnetism
Dr. Anthony Visco 2012 Temperature Measurements in Radiative Shock Experiments
Dr. Nicole Campbell 2012 Climate Classification Preprocessing Algorithm
Dr. Michelle (Price) Chitambar 2012 Effects of Charge Transport and Heterogeneous Charge Transfer on the Operation of Inorganic Semiconductor Light-Harvesting Systems Featuring Planar and High Aspect Ratio Morphologies
Dr. Yisa S. Rumala 2012 A New Etalon Geometry: The Spiral Phase Plate Etalon
Dr. Channing Huntington 2012 High-Energy-Density Physics Experiments Relevant to Astrophysical Systems
Dr. Franklin Dollar 2012 High Intensity, High Contrast Laser Solid Interactions with Short Pulses
Dr. Laura Spencer 2012 The Study of CO2 Conversion in a Microwave Plasma/Catalyst System/td>
Dr. Leon Webster 2012 Precursor to spin-photon entanglement in a single InAs/GaAs quantum dot
Dr. Michael McDonald 2012 Electron Transport in Hall Thrusters
Dr. Aaron Rury 2012 New Insights into Light Scattering: Control and Characterization
Dr. Andrea Bianchini 2012 Ultrafast Optical Studies of Phonon Polaritons, Squeezed Modes and High Frequency Diamagnetism in Metamaterials
Dr. Naji Husseini 2012 Phase-contrast X-ray Imaging of Microstructure and Fatigue-crack Propagation in Single-crystal Nickel-base Superalloys
Dr. Carolyn Phillips 2011 Self Assembly Problems of Anisotropic Particles in Soft Matter
Dr. Mark Haynes 2011 Full-wave Nonlinear Inverse Scattering for Acoustic and Electromagnetic Breast Imaging
Dr. Robert Wilson 2011 Mathematical Models of Light Transport in Biological Tissues for Quantitative Clinical Diagnostic Applications
Dr. Katherine Smirl Truex 2011 Optical Coherent Control of a Single Charged Indium Arsenide Quantum Dot
Dr. Bo Sun 2011 Quantum Computing Over Long Time Scales in a Singly Charged Quantum Dot
Dr. Paivo K. Kinnunen 2011 Asynchronous Magnetic Bead Rotation (AMBR) for Biosensors
Dr. Forrest Doss 2011 Structure in Radiative Shock Experiments
Dr. Meng Zhang 2011 Growth and Characterization of InGaN/GaN Quantum Well and Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diodes and Lasers
Dr. Shanna Shaked 2011 Multi-Continental Multimedia Model of Pollutant Intake: Application to Impacts of Global Emissions and Globally Traded Goods
Dr. Nefertiti Patrick Jackson 2011 Evaluation of Surface Modified Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles on Human Prostrate Carcinoma Cells
Dr. John Valenzuela 2010 Polarimetric Image Reconstruction Algorithms
Dr. Jeffrey Herbstman 2010 Making Small Holes With Lasers
Dr. (Jane) Wang Xiaojing 2010 Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Neuronal Network Dynamics: Relating Topology to Function
Dr. A. Stoica Vladimir 2010 Spin and Lattice Dynamics in Thin Films: From Femtoseconds to Nanoseconds
Dr. Suzer Ozgun 2010 Quantum Optical Applications in Spectroscopy: Investigations of Entangled Two-Photon Absorption and Entangled Two-Photon Excited Fluorescence in Organic Dendritic Systems
Dr. Ganesh Narayanasamy 2010 Advances in Biomedical Applications and Assessment of Ultrasound Nonrigid Image Registration
Dr. Peter Muhoro 2010 Off-Grid Electricity and its Impact on Micro-Enterprises: Evidence from Rural Uganda.
Dr. Erik Daniel Kim 2010 The Coherent Optical Spectroscopy and Control of an Electron Spin in a Self-Assembled Quantum Dot for Quantum Computing
Dr. Guan Huang 2010 Multicolor quantum dot and quantum ring intersublevel photodetectors for mid-infrared and terahertz detection
Dr. Eric Harding 2010 Observations of shear flows in high-energy-density plasmas
Dr. Malavika Chandra 2010 Probing Biological Systems using Reflectance and Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Dr. Craig Michael Tenney 2009 Molecular Simulation of Carbon Dioxide Adsorption for Carbon Capture and Storage
Dr. Ganesh Narayanasamy 2009 Stabilized 3D Ultrasound Imaging for Semi-automated and Visual Assessment of Anatomic and Physiologic Change
Dr. Justin Edmondson 2009 Theory of Three-Dimensional Interchange Reconnection And The Dynamic Evolution Of The Global Solar Coronal Magnetic Field Structure: A Mechanism For The Origin And Generation Of The Slow Solar Wind
Dr. Brenton Knuffman 2009 Rydberg Atoms in Ponderomotive Potentials
Dr. Christopher Vaughn-Daigne Kelly 2009 Perturbations of Cellular Membranes with Synthetic Polymers and Ultrafast Lasers.
Dr. Kevin Joseph Haworth 2009 Medical Ultrasound Aberration Correction via Acoustic Droplet Vaporization and Time-Reversal Acoustics.
Dr. Peter Diehr 2009 An Ultrafast Photo-Electron Diffractometer
Dr. Mitaire Ojaruega 2009 Fast Neutron Measurements using Deuterated Liquid Scintillators
Dr. Carolyn ChristineKuranz 2009 Blast-wave-driven, multi dimensional Rayleigh-Taylor instability experiments
Dr. Erik Daniel Kim 2009 The Coherent Optical Spectroscopy and Control of an Electron Spin in a Self-Assembled Quantum Dot for Quantum Computing
Dr. Jasper Kok 2009 Understanding Wind-Blown Sand And The Electrification Of Granular Systems
Dr. Abigail Mechtenberg 2009 Understanding the Importance of an Energy Crisis
Dr. Moussa Ngom 2009 Novel Approach to the Study of Surface Plasmon Resonance and Field Enhancement Properties of Noble Metal Nanostructures
Dr. Alexander Arthur McClelland 2009 Sum Frequency Generation Vibrational Spectroscopy Investigation of Buried Polymer and Organic Interfaces
Dr. Divine Philip Kumah 2009 Direct X-ray Studies of Epitaxial Semiconductor Quantum Dots.
Dr. Mariano Trigo 2008 Ultrafast Dynamics of Folded Acoustic Phonons from Semiconductor Superlattices.
Dr. Stephen Reed 2008 Electron and Proton Acceleration Using the 30 TW, 30 fs Hercules Laser.
Dr. Catherine Michel Herne 2008 Shaping Terahertz Fields for the Orientation of Asymmetric Top Water Molecules.
Dr. Rodney Agayan 2008 Optical and Magnetic Manipulation of Hybrid Micro and Nanoparticle Sensors.
Dr. Louise Hecker 2008 Development of Functional Bioengineered Muscle Models and a Novel Micro-Perfusion System.
Dr. Rahul Ramdas Mhaskar 2008 Towards an Atom Laser: Cold Atoms in a Long High-gradient Magnetic Guide.
Dr. Andrew Blaine Stickrath 2008 Ultrafast Transient Absorption Studies of Environment Influence on the Photolysis of B12 Complexes and the Subsequent Recombination and Escape of Caged Radicals.
Dr. Kevin James Landmark 2008 Dendrimer-Coated Iron Oxide Nanoparticles as Targeted MRI Contrast Agents.
Dr. J Bianca Jackson 2008 Terahertz Time-domain Reflectrometry of Multilayered Systems.
Dr. Shawn Grannell 2008 The Operating Features of a Stoichiometric, Ammonia and Gasoline Dual Fueled Spark Ignition Engine.
Dr. Elizabeth C. Carroll 2007 Coherent Control of Resonant Nonlinear Interactions in Ultrafast Solution-Phase Photochemistry
Dr. Brandon Howard McNaughton 2007 Magnetic Micro and Nano Nonlinear Oscillators with the Dynamic Detection of a Single Bacterium and to Physical and Chemical Sensing.
Dr. Tara Elizabeth Liebisch 2007 Study of Coherent Properties of Rydberg-atom Systems.
Dr. Joel PatrickMcDonald 2007 Near Threshold Femtosecond Laser Interactions with Materials: Ablation Thresholds, Morphologies, and Dynamics.
Dr. Yi-Jiunn Chien 2007 Transition Metal-Doped Sb2Te3 and Bi2Te3 Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors.
Dr. Alexander Manasson 2006 III-Nitride Based Superlattice Sub-Millimeter Wave Source.
Dr. Cheng Zhong 2006 Quantitative Two-photon Flow Cytometry In Vitro and In Vivo.
Dr. Don Ahmasi Harris 2006 Studies of Solvent Effects on Reaction Dynamics Using Ultrafast Transient Absorption Spectroscopy.
Dr. Louis Deslauriers 2006 Cooling and Heating of the Quantum Motion of Trapped Cd+ Ions.
Dr. Benny Perez Rodriguez 2006 Alloys Containing Antimony as Metamorphic Buffer Layer for DeviceApplications.
Dr. etian Mi 2006 High Performance Quantum Dot Lasers on GaAs and Silicon.
Dr. Codrin Nicolae Cionca 2005 Imaging Interfaces in Epitaxial Heterostructures.
Dr. Jeffrey NathanAnker 2005 Modulated Optical Nanoprobes (MOONs) in the NanoKitchen.
Dr. Adrian Cavalieri 2005 Electro-Optic Characterization of Femtosecond Electron Bunches.
Dr. Jevne BMicheau-Cunningham 2005 Studying the Dynamics of Magnetorheological Materials Using X-Ray Photon Correlation
Dr. Jared KWahlstrand 2005 Impulsive Generation of Coherent Hybrid Modes by Light Pulses.
Dr. Titaina Colette Upa Potdevin 2005 Ultrasonic Measurements and Modeling of Blood Flow Properties.
Dr. Karthik Vishwanath 2005 Computational Modeling of Time-Resolved Fluorescence Transport in Turbid Media for Non-Invasive Clinical Diagnostics.
Dr. Juraj Topolancik 2005 Photonic Crystal Light Sources and Microsensors.
Dr. Abishai Daniel 2005 Electrical Studies on Cubic Boron Nitride MIS Structures.
Dr. ason AllenDeibel 2004 A Study of Nonlinear Optical Polymers for Use in Ultrafast Electro-Optic Sampling Measurements.
Dr. Kyoungsik Kim 2004 Ultrafast Carrier Dynamics of InGaAs Quantum Dots in the High Carrier Density Regime.
Dr. Kathryn Grover Clay 2004 An Analysis of the Energy Efficiency, Range, and Attributable Emissions of Electric Vehicles and an Assessment of the U.S. Department of Energy Electric and Hybrid Vehicle
Dr. Adrienne Diarra Stiff-Roberts 2004 Design, Fabrication, and Characterization of In(Ga, Al)As/(Ga, Al) As Quantum Dot Infrared Photodetectors for High-Temperature Operation.
Dr. Mira Adinda Franke 2004 A Wavelet Transform Cross-Spectral Analysis of 11-Year (Schwabe) Solar Climate Forcing.
Dr. Mon Thiri Myaing 2004 Conventional and Photonic Crystal Fiber Based Two-photon Fluorescence Biosensing.
Dr. Kim Michelle Lewis 2004 Development of Single Electron Devices and Their Application as Low Noise Electrometers.
Dr. Alisa Ingrid Walz-Flannigan 2004 Cold Rydberg Gas Dynamics.
Dr. Jason Edward Smerdon 2004 Spatial and Temporal Analyses of Geothermal Climate Signals: Implications for Borehole Paleoclimatology.
Dr. Paul Alfonso Van Rompay 2003 Mass Separation for Ions in Ultrafast Ablation Plumes.
Dr. Scott J Peltier 2003 Characterization and Compensation of Systematic Noise in Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
Dr. Jochen Kruecker 2003 Image-Based Registration For 2D and 3D Ultrasound Imaging.
Dr. Jiming Bao 2003 Optically Induced Coherent Intersubband Excitations and Spin-Entangled States in Semiconductor Nanostructures.
Dr. Christopher Paul Search 2002 The Interaction of Atomic Bose-Einstein Condensates with Electromagnetic Fields.
Dr. Delia Cabrera 2002 Computational and Analytical Modeling of Eye Refractive Surgery.
Dr. Oliver Daniel Kripfgans 2002 Acoustic Droplet Vaporization for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications.
Dr. Peter Cabauy 2002 Cyclic Networks of Quantum Gates.
Dr. Catalin Mihai Florea 2002 Novel Waveguide Techniques and Devices in Rare-Earth Doped Glass and Rare-Earth Indiffused Lithium Niobate.
Dr. Takashi Buma 2002 Thermoelastic Generation Of Ultrasound for High Frequency Phased Arrays.
Dr. Erik Charles Zeek 2001 Pulse Shaping for High-Harmonic Generation
Dr. Yifei Zhang 2001 Device Design and Transport Issues in Nitride and Ferroelectric Heterostructure Devices.
Dr. Brooke Suzanne Stutzman 2001 Correlation of Process with Topography Evolution During reactive Ion Etching.
Dr. Maureen Mellody 2001 Signal Analysis of the Female Singing Voice: Features for Perceptual Singer Identity.
Dr. Alranzo Ruffin 2001 An Experimental Study of Diffraction-induced Effects on Single-cycle Terahertz Pulses.
Dr. Sanjay Krishna 2001 Study of Quantum Confined Energy Levels in Self-Organized In(Ga, A1)As/(Ga, A1) As Quantum Dots and their Application to Mid-Infrared Sources and Detectors.
Dr. Gregory Alan Garrett 2001 Femtosecond Pulsed Laser Excitation of Coherent and Squeezed Phonon Fields.
Dr. Jayson LCohen 2000 Atom Optics with Standing Wave Fields.
Dr. Yi He 2000 Polyfluorene Light-Emitting Devices and A-SI:H TFT Pixel Circuits for Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Displays.
Dr. Jeffrey Randall Guest 2000 Near-Field Coherent Optical Spectroscopy and Microscopy of a Mesoscopic Quantum System.
Dr. Christopher James Fischer 2000 Applications of Tryptophan Triplet State Spectroscopy to Studies of Protein Dynamics.
Dr. Dmitri Litvinov 1999 Growth of Semiconducting Cubic Boron Nitride Thin Films.
Dr. Nicolas Hernan Bonadeo 1999 Nano-Optics: Coherent Optical Spectroscopy of Single Semiconductor Quantum Dots.
Dr. Eric Eugene Monson 1999 Nano-Scale Spatial and Temporal Fluorescence Fluctuations in Near-Field Microscopy, Photobleaching Recovery, and Non-Classical Elementary Reaction Kinetics.
Dr. Guy Raymond Williams 1999 Laser Phosphors.
Dr. Hongtao Jiang 1999 Strain Induced Physical Phenomena in InGaAs/GaAs Heterostructures.
Dr. Hai-Wen Wang 1999 Development and Application of High Peak Power Ultrafast Lasers.
Dr. Amos Kuditcher 1999 Luminescent Instabilities In Dense Rare Earth Ion Systems.
Dr. Joanne Marie Wellman 1998 Growth and Annealing Study of MBE-Grown Rh(111) Films.
Dr. Jian He 1998 Development of a Six Degree-of-Freedom Laser Measurement System for Machine Geometric Error Measurement.
Dr. Robert Loren Wagner 1998 Laser-Plasma Electron Accelerators and Nonlinear, Relativistic Optics.
Dr. Chandra Shekar Raman 1997 Rydberg Wave Packets and Half-Cycle Electromagnetic Pulses.
Dr. Robert Wayne Goodwin 1997 A Model of Automobile Exhaust Emissions During High-Power Driving Episodes and Related Issues.
Dr. Steven S Rosenblum 1997 High Pressure Raman Scattering Studies of Magnon-Phonon Interactions and Ferroelastic Phase Transitions.
Dr. Tracy Ann Abbott-Morse 1997 Design, Fabrication, and Performance Evaluation of Field Effect Transistors.
Dr. Steven John Kane 1996 High-Order-Dispersion Control for the Amplification and Compression of Femtosecond Laser Pulses.
Dr. Brandon Craig Barnett 1996 Fiber Lasers and All-Optical Logic Gates for Header Processing in High Bit Rate Optical Networks.
Dr. Charles A Taylor 1996 Growth and Optical Studies of Boron Nitride Films on Silicon Substrates.
Dr. Vinod Subramaniam 1996 Application of Time-Resolved Tryptophan Phosphorescence Spectroscopy to Protein Folding Studies.
Dr. Qize Shu 1996 Cooperative Optical Nonlinearites in LiYF4.
Dr. Kaiyan Zhang 1996 Defect Propagation in Strained Semiconductor Heterostructures and its Impact on Design of InP-based HBTs.
Dr. Donnell Thaddeus Walton 1996 Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of Novel Fiber Lasers.
Dr. Beth Lynn Weinberg 1996 Wavelet Analysis and Visualization of The Formation of Episodic Events of Extremely Low Total Ozone.
Dr. Steven James Smith 1996 Time Resolved Near-Field Microscopy of Ga-As Thin Films.
Dr. John Edison Foster 1996 An Investigation of the Influence of a Transverse Magnetic Field on the Formation of Large Anode Fall Voltages in Low-Pressure Arcs.
Dr. Lei Zhao 1995 Atomistic Simulation Study of Vacancy Diffusion in Binary Solid Solutions.
Dr. Eric Alexander Arons 1995 Holographic Spatial and Temporal Coherence Methods for Optical Discrimination.
Dr. Xinbing Liu 1994 Topics in High-Peak Intensity, Ultrashort Pulse Laser-Plasma Interactions.
Dr. Mark Donald Johnson 1994 Surface Dynamics of GaAs(001) During MBE Growth and Equilibrium.
Dr. Steven Winthrop Brown 1994 Optical Studies of Wide Bandgap Semiconductors: Diamond, Gallium Nitride and Boron Nitride.
Dr. Ping Xie 1993 Continous-Wave, Cooperative Upconversion Lasers (Quantum Efficency, Energy Transfer)
Dr. Alan L Lenef 1993 Ultrafast Photon Echo Spectroscopy of Luminescent Centers: NV:Diamond and TM3+:YA103.
Dr. Mark Steven Amman 1993 The Theory and Measurement of Coulomb Blockade Effects in Mesoscopic Tunnel Junction Systems.
Dr. Weijian Sha 1992 Femtosecond Time-Resolved High-Field Transport In Gallium Arsenide Bulk and Quantum-Well Structures (High Field Transport, Gallium Arsenide Bulk Structures)
Dr. Christopher W Snyder 1992 A Critical Study of the Initial Growth Stages of Highly Strained Indium Gallium Arsenide on Gallium Arsenide (Gallium Arsenide, Indium Dallium Arsenide)
Dr. Steven Thomas Cundiff 1992 Picosecond Excitonic Optical Nonlinearites: The Effects of Disorder In Quantum Wells (Excitpms, Electronic Excitations)
Dr. Feng An 1992 Automobile Fuel Economy and Traffic Congestion (Engine Map, Tractive Energy, Driving Patterns, Speed Limit)
Dr. Yi Chen 1991 Development of Detectors And Modulators For Multi-Hundred Gigahertz Operation (Optoelectronics)
Dr. Hong Yan 1991 Scaling and Phase Trnasitions in Nonequilbrium Surface Growth
Dr. Lizhong Liu 1991 Electron Spectroscopy of F-Electron Materials