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Asian American Student Organizations

The University supports close to 100 student organizations devoted to Asian American and Pacific Islander culture, identity, social life, issues, and professional development. Student organization descriptions are provided through University of Michigan Maize Pages. For more information on these organizations, please visit

Student Associations

Chinese Students and Scholars Association

Provides a space for Chinese students, scholars and anyone who is in support of the interests of the Chinese community at the University of Michigan

Chinese Students Association

Promotes Chinese culture to Chinese American students and to students of all cultural backgrounds

Chinese Undergraduate Student Association (CUSA)

Provides students who are interested in Chinese custom chances to communicate with each other while establishing a harmonious relationship among multicultural students

Filipino American Student Association

Thrives on Filipino and Filipino-American culture as the driving force behind its continuing efforts to educate others about the Filipino heritage

Hong Kong Student Association (HKSA)

Strengthens friendships among members and helps members understand the academic culture and community at the University of Michigan

Indian American Student Association (IASA)

Serves to promote various aspects of Indian culture and heritage through an assortment of events that raise political, social, and cultural awareness

Indian Student Association

A group of graduate and undergraduate students of Indian origin studying at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Japan Student Assocaiation (JSA) 

The Japan Student Association (JSA) at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor is a non-profit student organization dedicated to promoting a better campus understanding of the various aspects of Japan and the Japanese culture.

Korean Food Club

Explores the different Korean food options within the Ann Arbor area and also promotes a wider knowledge and perspective of Korean food in general

Korean International Student Association

Promotes the unity and well-being of Korean students at the University of Michigan

Korean Student Association (KSA)

Provides a community to foster understanding and friendship between Koreans, Korean-Americans, and those persons of other nationalities while promoting Korean culture on campus

Malaysian Students Association

A student organization for Malaysians studying at the University of Michigan

Michigan Pakistanis

A student-run organization devoted to cherishing and raising awareness of the Pakistani culture

Michigan Taiwanese Student Association

A supporting channel for people to discuss diverse issues of the current Taiwanese society

Pakistani Student Association

Works to create a home away from home for Pakistani students in Ann Arbor


Aims to provide a supporting community for fellow Indonesian students as well as Indonesian community

Persian Students Association

Devoted to celebrating and raising awareness of the Persian culture

Shanghai Jiao Tong University Alumni Association at the University of Michigan (SJTU-AA-UM)

Establishes an active social network among the students, scholars and alumni of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor

Southeast Asian Network (SEA)

Aims to enhance cooperation and promote friendship between members of the Southeast Asian student organizations

Taiwan Student Association

Provides service for over 500 students and professionals from Taiwan in the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

Taiwanese American Student Association

Preserves and promotes understanding of Taiwanese culture for Taiwanese American students and the greater University of Michigan campus community

Thai Student Association

Brings together students from Thailand, Thai-U.S. and anyone interested in the Thai culture

United Asian American Organizations

Works to build community around the sharing of the unique experiences, histories, and cultures of Asian/Pacific Islander Americans

Vietnamese Student Association

An organization dedicated to increasing cultural awareness and diversity on campus and in the community

Graduate Student Associations

Asian /Asian American Psychology Student Association

Seeks to enhance the development of Asian/Asian American psychologists by providing a support network for its members

Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA)

An academic, social and political resource for Asian Pacific American students in the Law School

Iranian Graduate Student Association (IGSA)

Committed to supporting and serving the needs and interests of the Iranian community at the University of Michigan

Korean Student Association Graduate

An organization for Korean graduate students, fellows, and faculty to generate greater interaction within the community and to increase awareness about Korean culture

Muslim Graduate Students Association

Seeks to serve the interests of Muslim graduate students and researchers at the University of Michigan

South Asian Law Students Association (SALSA)

Seeks to create a social community as well as provide academic assistance to students

South Asian Medical Student Association

A medical student organization designed to focus on the needs of the South Asian community

Social Justice and Awareness

Asian American Association

A nonprofit student organization aimed at promoting racial diversity, community, and tolerance at the University of Michigan

Asian and Asian American Coalition

A student initiative that promotes awareness of and raises interest around issues affecting all identities of Asians and Asian Americans

Chinese Culture Salon

A student organization within the U of M Chinese community that covers topics in history, arts, science, politics, and a variety of other areas

Gongbu Gajok

A community for Korean language self-study in which members give and receive assistance and offer alternative learning methodology and materials

Hanja Gongbu Dongari

A study group for anyone interested in learning Chinese characters to supplement their Korean study

Liberty in North Korea

Aims to redefine the North Korea crisis through creative storytelling, while providing emergency relief to North Korean refugees and pursuing an end to the human rights crisis

South Asian Awareness Network

Dedicated to increasing knowledge of and promoting innovative solutions to issues relevant to South Asian communities all around the world

The Union for Korean Issues in Michigan

Dedicated to spreading awareness of Korean issues in Ann Arbor community

Yoni Ki Baat

Aimed at raising awareness around social justice issues, especially those pertaining to South Asian women and all women of color


Performance and Arts

Animania: The Japanese Animation

An anime/social club comprised of U of M undergrads, grad students, alumni and members the Ann Arbor community

Annappella Acappella Group

An A Cappella group perform/write/adapt mainly Chinese songs

Kiwi Productions

An international student-run organization based in Korea and the United States that seeks to develop young global leaders and spread ideas using moving images


An Asian-Interest A Cappella group that performs songs in a variety of languages

Maize Mirchi

A South Asian Focus A Cappella group


Raises awareness of Chinese Yoyo/Diabolo as a performance art form and of Asian/Pacific Islander American culture through performances and workshops


A traditional Korean Drumming Group at U of M


Aims to promote an understanding of the richness and depth of the Indian culture through the showcase of Indian classical arts

Thus Spoke Ann Arbor

A Chinese drama club focusing on performing modern Chinese dramas


Aikido Yoshokai Club

Provides instruction in the traditional Japanese Martial Art of Aikido

Bujinkan Budo Club

Martial arts club dedicated to the factual teaching and practice of the Bujinkan martial arts

Chinese Basketball Team UM (Michigan Wolves)

Promotes sportsmanship, friendship, and self-satisfaction by coming together to form a team and regularly train basketball skills and participate in matches

Chinese Soccer Team UM

Resolved to enhance and enrich the experiences of U of M students who are interested in the sport of soccer

Kendo Club

Provides students an opportunity to learn and practice Kendo

Tae Kwon Do

Focuses on the sport side of Tae Kwon Do, primarily through poomsae, kicking drills, and sparring


Dance Mix

Allows established dance groups on campus to showcase their talents and skills to the U of M community


An all-male multicultural dance crew that combines the interests of hip-hop dancing with Korean pop music

Desi Mania

Strives to celebrate South Asian culture and diversity by showcasing the richness of its films, arts, and entertainment


An all-male, multicultural, hip-hop dance group


Performs at various events held on campus with the purpose of creating lasting relationships through dance

Maya Dance Team

A South Asian fusion dance team with a strong emphasis on Indian classical dance

Michigan Bhangra Team

Strives to promote awareness of Punjabi culture and the importance of diversity and multiculturalism

Michigan Izzat

An all-male dance team that promotes dance and culture throughout the University of Michigan and other parts of the country

Michigan Manzil

The University of Michigan's Premiere CO-ED Bollywood/Fusion Team

Michigan Milaap

All-female recreational dance team that promotes awareness of Indian culture through a rich fusion of numerous dance styles

Michigan Raas Team

A cultural, competitive dance team dedicated to spreading the culture of raas to the students of the University of Michigan

Michigan Sahana

Seeks to foster a thriving and active Indian classical community that increases general awareness of the Indian arts

Michigan TAAL

An all-female, South Asian fusion, competitive dance team that was founded in 2005

Moli Performing Art Ensemble

Aims to promote Chinese culture and Chinese philosophy through performing arts

Very Us

Incorporates various (VeryUs) dance styles into our performances, such as jazz, hip-hop, cultural dances, couple dances and belly dance


SHEI Magazine

An entirely student-run fashion and culture publication, is accessible on both print and digital platforms

Professional Development


Ascend Michigan

 Aims to establish a strong professional network of Pan-Asian business leaders at the U of M

ASEAN Business Association

Seeks to promote a deeper understanding of ASEAN business culture and practices within the Ross community

Asia Business Conference

The longest-running student-organized business conference about Asia

Asian American Business Association

Enriches the Ross community and promotes the Asian American and Asian culture at the Ross School of Business

Association for Chinese Economic Development (ACED)

Provides a collegiate community with platforms to explore China under globalization

Greater China Association (GCA)

Dedicated to helping members in their career and academic development and increasing awareness of China business perspective and culture

Japan Business Association at Ross

Promotes understanding of cross-cultural business culture and practices between Japanese students and Ross students who are interested in Japan

Korea Business Club

Provides resources to members interested in careers in Korea and promotes a deeper understanding of Korean business culture

Michigan Chinese Business Club (MCBC)

Promotes awareness of the Chinese business environment at U of M

Taiwan Business Association (TBA)

A cultural and career-oriented organization that is focused on education, career development, and networking with Taiwanese corporations

Research and Science

Japanese Researchers Society

Promotes social networking among Japanese nationals who are working or conducting researches in U of M

Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association

Promotes academic networking and professional development among Korean-American students in the Science and Engineering fields

Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers

Represents those of Asian heritage in the scientific and engineering communities


United Asian American Medical Association / Asian Pacific American Medical Association

Supports the healthcare and community needs of patients, students, and medical professionals

Religious and Faith Practices

Asian Intervarsity (AIV)

Establishes and advances witnessing communities of students and faculty who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord

Falun Dafa Student Association

Offers opportunities to students, staff and faculty members at the University of Michigan, to have access to and learn Falun Dafa

Hindu Students Council (HSC)

Dedicated to creating an atmosphere conducive to worship, education, cultural experience and service as it relates to the Hindu faith

Islamic Society of Ahl-ul-Bayt (ISA)

Provides an atmosphere of reflection and contemplation for interested individuals, according to the sacred teachings of the Quran, the Prophet, and the Ahl-ul-Bayt

Ismaili Student Association

Helps Ismaili Muslim students at the University of Michigan achieve success in their endeavors

Jain Students Association

Fosters a sense of community between Jain students and those interested in Jainism at the University of Michigan

Living Grace Ministry

A branch of the Korean United Methodist Church that strives to live out grace practically in the Ann Arbor community

Muslim Students Association

Strives to be Leaders and Best in strengthening faith, knowledge, and community

Olive Tree Campus Fellowship

A family for Chinese students and scholars in Ann Arbor area

Mentorship Programs

Yuri Kochiyama Leadership Program

Reaches out to Asian Pacific American high school students in the metro-Detroit area to foster a greater awareness for Asian American heritage, identity, and their communities

Arise Mentorship Program

A peer mentorship program between MESA and the South Asian Awareness Network (SAAN) student organization that strives to create a platform for dialogue on the intersection of social justice and culture

Greek Life

Alpha Kappa Delta Phi (aKDPhi)

An Asian-interest sorority with purposes of promoting Sisterhood, Scholarship, Leadership and Asian American Awareness