On September 19-21, the A/PIA Studies program hosted Dan Tsang, Librarian Emeritus at the University of California-Irvine, who played a key role in several student movements at the University of Michigan in the 1970s.  Tsang graduated with an M.A. in Political Science in 1973 and an M.L.S. in Library Science in 1977, both from UM.  
During his time as a student in Ann Arbor, Tsang was a key participant in important student movements on campus. He was a member of the Gay Liberation Front and also an active member of GEO during the strike of February 1975. Tsang was also a member of East Wind, an Asian American Student Organization that helped organize the "Third World People's Solidarity Conference" held at Hill Auditorium in 1974. In 1976, Tsang taught a course titled "The Politics of Gay and Lesbian Liberation," one of the first of its kind.

In September, Dan Tsang visited two courses -- "Introduction to Asian/Pacific Islander American Studies" and "Asian Americans at Michigan" -- where he spoke with students about his time at the University. In addition, Tsang participated in a conversation with Professor Gayle Rubin, reflecting on their work to secure queer labor protection and support affirmative action as part of GEO's first contract. The event was sponsored by members of GEO and LEO-GLAM.