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Recent Honors Theses



Farrah, Chloe | Skeletons in the classroom: Ethical concerns of the use of human skeletal remains (Advisor: Lisa Young)

Luurtsema, Anna | Persistence in Pastoralist Practices during the Uruk Period at Tepe Farukhabad (Advisors: Alicia Ventresca Miller and Henry Wright; Graduate Student Mentor: Kara Larson)

Rieck, Abigail | Identifying Changes in Late Woodland Ceramic Tradition (Advisor: Raven Garvey; Graduate Student Mentor: Laura Bossio)



Brodnan, Skylar | Origins of Human Culture: Individual Variation and Social Influence in Wild ChimpanzeeTool Use (Advisor: Alexandra Rosati; Postdoctoral mentor: Margaret Bryer; lab
manager: Natalia Camargo Peña)

Dagher, Jenna | The Inter- and Intraspecific Variation of Hypsodonty Index and Tooth Wear in Mule and White-tail Deer, North and Central America (Advisor: John Kingston; Graduate Student Mentor: Elliot Greiner)

Fatima Khan | Sorting Origins of Commingled Tooth Remains Through Dento - Anthropological Traits with Non-metric Parameters (Advisor: Maureen Devlin; Osteology Specialist: Irene Hochgraf

Koski, Krystal | A New Window into Landscape Heterogeneity via a Combination of Sedimentary Facies Analysis and Isotopic Evidence | Winner of the Anthropology Honors Research Poster Award (Advisor: John Kingston; Graduate Student Mentor: Georgia Oppenheim)

Krishnan, Vaishnavi | Are your bones what you eat? A test of how mismatch of maternal and postnatal high fat diets affects skeletal acquisition (Advisor: Maureen Devlin)

Lemkau, Maxwell (DEC 23 graduate) | (1) Exclusive groups as a means to garner status & (2) The behavioral ecology of religious conversion in Dogon men (Advisor: Beverly Strassmann)

Schmidt, Josephine | Hormone-Behavior Interactions: A Test of the Dual Hormone Hypothesis in Mountain Gorillas | Winner of the Anthropology Excellence in Honors Research and Academic Achievement Award (Advisors: Stacy Rosenbaum and Nicholas Grebe)



Davis, Benjamin | Being Contrarian in a Post-Gamergate World: What TERFs Tell Us about Performance, Moderation, and Platforms (Advisor: Sarah Murray, FTVM)

Guang, Kuo | Generation of Embarrassment: Diaspora, Stagnation, and Resentment of Chinese Immigrants from the 1980s in the Ann Arbor-Detroit Area (Advisor: Erik Mueggler)

Hoyng, Caitlin | Night Sweats as Pillow Talk: Community Care for Sex Workers, Queer People, and Noncitizens in 1980s-1990s Berlin, AIDS, and a Little Bit of Context. A Multimodal and Oral History (Advisors: Kriszti Fehervary and Megan Ewing, German Dept.)

Kizito, Abdul | Making Friends: Obligation and Relatedness Among African Students in Pune | Winner of the Anthropology Excellence in Honors Research and Academic Achievement Award (Advisors: Mike McGovern and Kriszti Fehervary)

Miller, Erik | Space for Flags, Fellowship, and Fervor: Cultural Entanglements of the International Space Station (Advisors: Kriszti Fehervary and David Frye)

Ranger-Raimundi, Chloe | For Femininity’s Sake: Bimbofication as a New Form of Feminism | Winner of the Anthropology Honors Research Poster Award (Advisors: Matt Hull and Kriszti Fehervary)