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Beck, Robin

Fort San Juan and the Limits of Empire: Colonialism and Household Practice at the Berry Site
Edited by Robin A. Beck, Christopher B. Rodning, and David G. Moore
University Press of Florida, Gainesville

Chiefdoms, Collapse, and Coalescence in the Early American South
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge

Encountering Novelty: Object, Assemblage, and Mixed Material Culture
Current Anthropology
61(5):622-647, with CA* commentary

The Iron in the Posthole: Witchcraft, Women’s Labor, and Spanish Folk Ritual at the Berry Site
American Anthropologist

Eventful Archaeology: The Place of Space in Structural Transformation
Robin A. Beck,  Douglas J. Bolender, James A. Brown, and Timothy K. Earle
Current Anthropology
48(6):833-860, with CA* commentary


Flannery, Kent

Cueva Blanca: Social Change in the Archaic of the Valley of Oaxaca
Co-authored with Frank Hole
Memoir 60, Museum of Anthropology
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

The Creation of Inequality: How Our Prehistoric Ancestors Set the Stage for Monarchy, Slavery, and Empire
Co-authored with Joyce Marcus
Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA

Guilá Naquitz: Archaic Foraging and Early Agriculture in Oaxaca, Mexico 
Updated edition
Left Coast Press, Walnut Creek, California
538 pp

Excavations at San José Mogote 1: The Household Archaeology
With Joyce Marcus
Memoir 40, Museum of Anthropology
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

The Flocks of the Wamani: A Study of Llama Herders on the Punas of Ayacucho, Peru
Kent V. Flannery,  Joyce Marcus and Robert G. Reynolds
New York, Academic Press


Galaty, Michael

Memory and Nation Building: From Ancient Times to the Islamic State
New York: Rowman and Littlefield

Neolithic Alepotrypa Cave in the Mani, Greece
Papathanasiou, A., W. Parkinson, D. Pullen, M. Galaty, and P. Karkanas (eds.)
Oxford: Oxbow Books

Light and Shadow: Isolation and Interaction in the Shala Valley of Northern Albania
Galaty, M., O. Lafe, W. Lee, and Z. Tafilica (eds.)
Monumenta Archaeologica 28
Los Angeles: UCLA Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press

Preface to the Katalogu Arkeologjike i Mitrovicës
Archaeological Catalog of Mitrovica
Edited by L. Shala, K. Igrishta, and F. Hoxha
Knkub Heritage, Mitrovicë

Mycenaean Glocalism: Greek Political Economies and International Trade
In Trade and Civilisation: Economic Networks and Cultural Ties, from Prehistory to the Early Modern Era
Edited by K. Kristiansen, T. Lindkvist, and J. Myrdal
pp. 143-171
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Garvey, Raven

Patagonian Prehistory: Human Ecology and Cultural Evolution in the Land of Giants
University of Utah Press

Current and Potential Roles of Archaeology in the Development of Cultural Evolutionary Theory
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society
B 373: 20170057

Cultural Transmission and Sources of Diversity: A Comparison of Temperate Maritime Foragers of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres
In A. Lemke (ed.) Foraging in the Past: Archaeological Studies in Hunter-Gatherer Diversity
pp. 19-48
University Press of Colorado

A Model of Lithic Raw Material Procurement
In Lithic Technological Systems and Evolutionary Theory
Edited by N. Goodale and W. Andrefsky, Jr.
pp. 156-171.
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge

Hunter-Gatherers: Archaeological  and Evolutionary Theory
2nd edition
Bettinger, R., R. Garvey and S. Tushingham
Springer, New York


Marcus, Joyce

Zapotec Monuments and Political History
Memoir 61, Museum of Anthropology
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Coastal Ecosystems and Economic Strategies at Cerro Azul, Peru: The Study of a Late Intermediate Kingdom
Memoir 59, Museum of Anthropology
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

The Creation of Inequality: How Our Prehistoric Ancestors Set the Stage for Monarchy, Slavery, and Empire
With Kent Flannery
Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA

Monte Albán
El Colegio de México
Fideicomiso Historia de las Américas
Fondo de Cultura Económica

The Ancient City
With J.A. Sabloff
SAR Press, Santa Fe, NM


O'Shea, John

Central Oregon Obsidian From a Submerged Early Holocene Archaeological Site Beneath Lake Huron
O’Shea, J., Lemke, A., Nash, B., Sonnenburg, E., Ferguson, J., Nyers, A. and D. Riebe

Submerged Prehistory in the Americas: Methods, Approaches and Results
The Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology
16(1): 1-4  DOI: 10.1080/15564894.2021.1879973

Dating the Maros Group and its Successor at the End of the Middle Bronze Age in the Tisza-Maros Region of Southeast Hungary, Western Romania, and Northern Serbia
O’Shea, J., Parditka, Gy, Nicodemus, A., Kristiansen, K. Sjögren,
K., Paja, L., Pálfi, Gy., and L. Milašinović
Antiquity 93 369 
604-623.  DOI 10.15184/aqy.2019.40

“…the nearest run thing…” The Genesis and Collapse of a Bronze Age Polity in the Maros Valley of Southeastern Europe
O’Shea, J. and A. Nicodemus
Coming Together: Comparative Approaches to Population Aggregation and Early Urbanization
Albany, State University of New York Press
pp: 61-80

A 9,000-Year-Old Caribou Hunting Structure beneath Lake Huron
O’Shea, J., Lemke, A., Sonnenburg, E., Reynolds, R. and B. Abbott
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
111(19): 6911-6915


Wright, Henry

The Belson Site: An Early Paleoindian Campsite on the Outwash Plains of the Central Great Lakes
Talbot, Thomas, Henry T. Wright and Brendan Nash
7/1: 76-84

Mesopotamian Interactions Through the Perspective of Late Uruk Bottles
In Herausgeber*innenkollektiv, eds. "Pearls, Politics and Pistachios. Essays in the Anthropology and Memories on the Occasion of Susan Pollock’s 65th Birthday"
Berlin: Ex Oriente (print edition)
Heidelberg: Propylaeum e-BOOKS (online edition)
Pp 259-288

The Problem of States: The State of the Problem
In "The Emergence of Premodern States New Perspectives on the Development of Complex Societies"
Jeremy A. Sabloff and Paula W. Sabloff, Eds.
Pp 15-30
Santa Fe: the Santa Fe Institute

Stone Tools and Foraging in Northern Madagascar Challenge Holocene Extinction Models
Dewar, Robert E., Chantal Radimilahy, Henry T. Wright, Zenobia Jacobs, Gwendolyn O. Kelly and Francesco Berna
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
110 (31): 12583-12588

Early State Formation in Central Madagascar: An Archaeological Survey of Western Avaradrano
Museum of Anthropology Memoir No. 43
Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Museum of Anthropology



Young, Lisa

Connecting with the Past through Ethnographic Collections of Hopi Plants
Young, Lisa C. and Susan Sekaquaptewa
Engaged Archaeology in the Southwestern United States and Northwest Mexico
Edited by Kelley A. Hays-Gilpin, Sarah A. Herr, and Patrick D. Lyons
pp. 238-250
University Press of Colorado, Boulder

Reconnecting a University Museum Collection with Hopi Farmers Through an Undergraduate Class
Young, Lisa C. and Susan Sekaquaptewa
Positioning Your Museums as a Critical Community Asset
Edited by Robert P. Connolly and Elizabeth K. Bollwerk
pp. 71-77
Rowman and Littlefield, Lanham, MD.

Assessing the Value of Cracked Pots at Homol’ovi
Young, Lisa C. and Claire S. Barker
Behavioral Archaeology: Assessing the Impact of Michael Brian Schiffer
Edited by James M. Skibo and William H. Walker
pp. 330-359
University of Utah Press

Southwestern Pithouse Communities, A.D. 200-900
Young, Lisa C. and Sarah A. Herr (editors)
University of Arizona Press, Tucson