Anthropological Archaeology

Kristin Cimmerer
Short-term Technological Change at Melikane Rockshelter, Lesotho

Biological Anthropology

Alexander Cashman
Functional morphological reconstruction of the humeroradial joint from the early Miocene hominoid, Proconsul major

Sociocultural Anthropology

Iman Ali
Resettling the Unsettled in Arab Detroit: Refugee Resettlement as a Neoliberal Third Space

Rachael Bittick
Experimenting with Normative Social Behavior: A Study of Space, Communication, and Performance in Club Culture

Rachel Gerth
Kicking the Bucket: An Ethnographic Analysis on Perceptions of Death in Retirement Community X

Aliya Khan
‘Ethical Production’ in Practice: An Analysis of Women’s Empowerment and Village Development Initiatives at Branches, an NGO in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India

Pallavi Prabhu
Food As Medicine: Exploring the Health-Inspired Journey to Veganism

Caroline Richburg
Laboring to Conceive: The Sociomaterial Making of a Queer Mother

Catherine Robeson
Historic Violence and Living Memory: The Post-9/11 Generation

Nicole Smith
Fragmented Realities: The Materiality and Memory of Child Migrants Along the U.S.-Mexico Border

Hannah Thoms
Collecting New Guinea: Transformations in the Lives of Four Ethnographic Collections, 1875-1988

Brianne Yeskey
The Multilingual Language Landscape of Dakar, Senegal as it Pertains to Commercial Signage, 1998 to 2017