Jhon Cruz Quinones 
Hunter-gatherers cultural evolution - Central Andes 

Megan Savoy
Bioarchaeology, Human migration, Health. Shifts in diet/lifestyle during and after migration, geomorphology, GIS, isotopic analysis - Remote Oceania and beyond 



Dominic Mayo
Molecular, behavioral, and conservation ecology of primates - Central Africa 

Rowan Sherwood
Hominin postcranial morphology, locomotor adaptations, evolution of the primate pelvis, 3D geometric morphometrics, hominin paleoecology - East Africa, South Africa 



Ashani Parker
Language revitalization, Language policy, Creole and pidgin languages, Indigenous communities, African diaspora, Cultural reclamation and heritage Studies - North America, Caribbean 



Elijah Ash
Sound studies, urbanization, mobility, anthropology of the state, [post/late]socialism, Chinese modernity - China, Chinese speaking world 

Nathaniel Graulich
Policing, Race, Inequality - American cities 

Nesrien Hamid
Neoliberalism; Islam; ritual; political economy; space; pilgrimage - Saudi Arabia; Gulf Arab states; Middle East 

Irene Promodh
Anthropology of religion; Indian Ocean mobilities; religion and society; longue duree histories - the Indian Ocean; South Asia; the Persian Gulf 



Francesca Conterno
 Indonesia, development, discourses of “peripherality" 

Ayleen Correa
 Dominican Republic, memory, violence 

Kristi Rhead
Reunión, commemoration, decolonization