Topor was awarded the 2020-2021 Global Award in the Multi-Term Research Award Category, one of the 11 Annual Pamela J. Mackintosh Undergraduate Research Awards. This award recognizes students who have worked on a research project that made significant use of library resources. Topor received this award for my honors thesisĀ Phosphate Analysis and Evidence for Industry at Iklaina: Implications for Mycenaean Economies and State Formation. The intent of this project is to gain a better understanding of the settlement organization, site function, and extent of industrial activity at Iklaina, a late Bronze Age Mycenaean site located in southwest Greece, through phosphate analysis carried out on samples collected from both the excavated and unexcavated areas of the site. The distribution and concentration of phosphate across the site was compared to the results from the archaeological excavations to identify evidence for particular economic activities and understand how spaces for certain activities were potentially segregated at Iklaina.