Tina Lasisi, an anthropology alumna, has been named one of the ten scientists to watch by ScienceNews. Dr. Lasisi is a biological anthropologist with interests in evolution of human variation in pigmentation and scalp hair, as well as science communication. In addition to her popular presence on TikTok, Dr. Lasisi also hosts a PBS Digital Studios Show. Her goal is, "to inspire people of color to ask questions important to them. 'Research is me-search,' she says."

Dr. Lasisi was a part of The Department of Anthropology & the Evolution and Human Adaptation Program (EHAP) at the University of Michigan's fall 2020 speaker series: Genetics, Evolution and Human Behavior. She lectured on measuring hair & skin: the importance of phenotypes in evolutionary genomics. Dr. Lasisi will be joining the Fall 2023 anthropology faculty as an Assistant Professor and LSA Collegiate Fellow.