A special thanks to Madeline Topor and her fellow editors at Crossroads: The University of Michigan Undergraduate Journal of Anthropology for publishing this collection in their inaugural special issue.

The University of Michigan Library Special Research Award has been awarded for "The Future After Covid-19: Implications of a Global Pandemic".

Congratulations to Anthropology Students Myah McCormick, Vaishali Nambiar, Mohamed Abdelhady, Kayla Rothstein, and
Alana Reinert for their contributions to "The Future After Covid-19: Implications of a Global Pandemic"!

Vaishali Nambiar
"It was such an honor to be selected for a UM Library Award! Prior to this project, especially as a public health major, I was largely concentrated on the impact of Covid-19 on health and our health systems. However, this project gave me the opportunity to explore how areas outside the realm of health have been transformed by the pandemic. Despite a fully remote/online semester, we had a very collaborative research process and I was able to learn so much from my classmates and Professor Kirsch!"


Myah McCormick

“The Covid pandemic has impacted everyone differently but there is no doubt that it has impacted everyone greatly. Working on this research project with my peers gave me a sense of hope at a point in the pandemic where it was hard to find. This award is an honor and I hope our work can help others see the light at the end of the tunnel.”