ANTHRARC 487 is a six-credit field school in advanced archaeological methods.  Students will spend six weeks in the mountains of northern Mongolia working  with an established field project and attending the Naadam summer festival.  During fieldwork, they will participate in salvage excavations of several Mongol  era cemeteries (~1170-1400 CE), directed by Prof. Alicia Ventresca Miller.  Training will focus on bioarchaeological methods, including burial excavation,  human osteology, and skeletal identification. In addition, working alongside  conservators, students will learn specialized skills in the conservation of artifacts  in the field, especially textiles, leather and wood. A graduate student instructor,  in collaboration with Dr. J. Bayarsaikhan (National Museum of Mongolia) and Dr.  J. Clark (NOMAD Science), will accompany the field school students on all legs  of their journey. To apply or for questions, contact Dr. Alicia Ventresca Miller at