Özge Korkmaz has been chosen as a recipient of the 2022 ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Award. Korkmaz earned this high honor for her exemplary dissertation- Political Ethics, Agency, and Complicity in Turkey's Kurdistan: Anxieties of an Era. The ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Award is made possible through the Rackham Graduate School, the Michigan Society of Fellows, whose members serve as the primary selection committee, and the sponsor of the award program, ProQuest Information Services. Korkmaz is advised by Webb Keane, the George Herbert Mead Distinguished University Professor of Anthropology. Congratulations Özge!

Özge's dissertation “Politics, Ethics, and Complicity in Turkey’s Kurdistan: Anxieties of an Era” explores contemporary statecraft. It documents and analyzes the political-ethical dilemmas experienced by Kurds who live under Turkish rule -- from their historical foundations and semiotic properties to social manifestations. Conceptually, Anxieties of an Era pursues a new theory of politics that places ethical practice at the heart of its analysis. Methodologically, it reconceptualizes the study of statecraft, arguing for a pragmatic as well as ethnographic approach that is more attuned to the ways “the state” comes to bear on social relations and thus proves to be consequential in people’s lives.