Jose Enrique Solano del Castillo (sociocultural; 2018 Ph.D. cohort) was recently selected to receive the Gupta Values Scholarship, administered by the Rackham Graduate School. This honor includes a financial award of $7500 for spring/summer support and a trip to Washington, D.C., to meet with representatives of the Gupta Family Foundation and Gupta Value Scholars from other universities. 

The Gupta Values Scholarship Fund was established by the Gupta Family Foundation in 2017 in order to recognize integrity, commitment to human dignity, and dedication to excellence among graduate students at U-M. As the founders of the Gupta Family Foundation, Rackham alumna Margaret Gupta (M.A., Political Science) and her husband, Shashikant, wish to encourage the next generation of scholars to be agents for positive social change.