Randeep Hothi, a graduate student with a dual degree in Anthropology and Asian Language and Culture, was awarded the 2022 Student Paper Prize for his paper: The Massacre and Martyr(dom)s of Oak Creek: The Scale of Violence, Articulation of Agonisms, and Problem of Diaspora. Hothi was given this honor by the Society for the Anthropology of Religion (SAR) which "holds an annual graduate student paper prize competition, aimed at encouraging emerging scholars to write compelling ethnographies on religion. The prize is intended to foster theoretically significant, ethnographically rich work by students at an early stage of their career."

Randeep's research interests include: diaspora, media, race, religion, semiotics, critical theory and philosophy. His fieldwork has taken him to England, the United States, and Punjab. His paper was aided in his dedication to the, "interdisciplinary investigation of diasporic subjectivity is an attempt to think together the ways that diasporic subjectivity is figured by and also exceeds its racialization, religion-making, and histories of violence.