Dr. Tina Lasisi

Dr. Tina Lasisi, soon to be Anthropology faculty, had her research into the evolution of human hair covered in ScienceNews. Dr. Lasisi, a biological anthropologist, wants to delve deeper into human's unique features. She comments on how, "We’re the only animals known to express tightly curled hair, like that seen in many people of African descent." She wants to know why and what evolutionary steps took place to get here. 

Lasisi has been spreading her research and including many into the conversation, she was featured on Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness as well as hosts her own PBS Digital show called Why Am I Like This? 

In addition to Lasisi's feature in ScienceNews, another fellow anthropology alumna commented on Lasisi's research. Robin Nelson, said that, "Lasisi is doing highly technical work that hasn’t been part of the conversation. Before Tina, very few people were working on hair texture in the same way.”

Dr. Lasisi will be joining the Fall 2023 anthropology faculty as an Assistant Professor and LSA Collegiate Fellow.