UMMAA Asian Archaeology and Ethnology curator and Professor of Anthropology Carla
Sinopoli is guest curator of the Less Than Perfect exhibit at the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology. The exhibit, which opened on August 26, 2016, explores themes of perfection, imperfection, and failure using display objects from four continents and more than 2000 years. All are from the collections of the Museum of Anthropological Archaeology, the Kelsey Museum, and the University of Michigan Museum of Art. 

Sinopoli developed the exhibit with a team of three undergraduate students from the Honors’ College: Amelia Fuller, Maggie Johnson, and Ben Weil.

To formally open the exhibition, Sinopoli delivered a public lecture at the Museum of Art’s Stern Auditorium on Wednesday, September 21st.

On November 3, the Kelsey will host FAILURE: LAB, an evening of storytelling and entertainment in which speakers share their most memorable failures.  Faculty member Jason De León will be one of the featured speakers.

Less Than Perfect runs until January 8, 2017.