“Rise of the Warrior Apes”, directed by award-winning director James Reed, covers the story of the Ngogo chimpanzee community over a twenty-three year period in the Uganda jungle. Using footage produced by scientists working in Uganda, Rise of the Warrior Apes combines archival footage and personal accounts from the scientists who have lived alongside the chimpanzees since 1995. 

“Rise of the Warrior Apes” also received the Best Animal Behavior Film at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival earlier in 2017. To read more about this award and “Rise of the Warrior Apes,” click on the links below. 


John C. Mitani talks "Rise of the Warrior Apes" and Working With James Reed

“Rise of the Warrior Apes” has won Best Animal Behavior Film in the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival

New York Wild Film Festival

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